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Aug 27, 2008
Hello everyone,

My name is Eric and I just graduated from high school and will be attending the University of Cincinnati this school year. I am doing AFROTC there but I hope to transfer to the Academy after this school year.

My questions are:

I just sent in my application yesterday, was that too early?

Are my chances improved with some ROTC experience?

Does a really good college transcript offset a mediocre high school transcript?

Thanks guys
I just sent in my application yesterday, was that too early?
Nope. Don't forget to apply for to your 2 US representatives and US Senator for a nomination.

Are my chances improved with some ROTC experience?
Yes. You may also qualify for a ROTC nomination.

Does a really good college transcript offset a mediocre high school transcript?
Most definitely.
Yea. what justamom said. My son put in his application last year and was totally completed by July 19th. That included the entire application, letters from teachers, CFA, Medical, Nomination, etc... Nothing was left to do. So, the end of August is fine. The earlier the better. They start opening them up and reviewing the first part of September. If yours is early enough, and good enough, then you have a good chance of an LOA or appointment by the first week of November. My son received his appointment letter November 5th. It sure makes for considering the other colleges easier when the academy is your first choice.

The only thing you want to make real sure of is that you get your grades from college inputted as soon as you know them. Chances are, if you had a mediocre high school transcript, that you won't get an early LOA/Appointment. That's because they and those who are asked to nominate you, don't have any college grades to work with yet. So, as soon as the semester is over, you want to get grades in there.

The hardest thing you have to do is to get a nomination. Most congressman/senators do their interviews and such after November. Being in college and ROTC will help, but your reps might still look at your high school grades being that's all they have to work with. Unless you are eligible for a presidential, VP, or ROTC; you really have to sell yourself to your rep to get an interview and nomination. I would contact them ASAP and ask them what they want you to do. Our reps let my son know exactly what they wanted to see. Luckily we didn't need to use the rep's nomination, but it was nice to know just in case.

Also, get close to your ROTC chain of command and let them know your desires and intentions. They can help more than most in getting you through filling all the blocks. Good luck... Mike....
While it is always good to complete it all EARLY, it is my understanding that those in college they do not offer until they receive their first semester college grades. My suggestion is to complete it as early as possible and then a few times during the fall update your file with the new things you have earned, done, achieved (you may have to plan ahead to ensure you have some of those). You want to let them know your continued interest. And, as soon as your first semester grades are in get them turned in ASAP.
Don't forget to prepare for the CFA! Make sure you are in the gym working on the BBall throw, pullups, the run, etc.

Twin2's application was in and done, like Christcorp's son's, early and he received his LOA in October. Twin1 was later but he was really glad to get it.

I might be tempted to submit midterm grades if your ALO agrees with this procedure - especially if your grades are excellent.