I passed my physical, now what?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by catherine994, Mar 12, 2013.

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    :confused: I have done everything I can do... I recieved an NROTC scholarship, was deemed "Physically Qualified" and I sent in my acceptance letter to the Navy so they know I can attend the school they gave me the scholarship to.

    So... what do I do now? Does the navy pay for the advanced tuition deposit I have to pay for to sign up for housing? Does my college even know I will be part of their unit next year? Is there anywhere I have to "sign on the dotted line"

    I'm sure any of you who have gone through ROTC could help me. I have all of my ducks in a row, but I just don't know what I should do/who to contact. I feel like I've been left hanging! I do have confirmation that all my paperwork/physical qualification has been documented.

    I appreciate any advice/suggestions you all have, Thank you! :smile:
  2. USMCGrunt

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    catherine994: Congratulations!

    You will be contacted by the unit eventually. They are still closing out the semester, graduation and commissioning, planning for summer training, etc. I am sure they have your name but it is not top priority right now. You will probably hear early summer.

    You should definately pay whatever deposits are required to secure a spot at the University and housing. The burser's office will eventually learn that you have a scholarship and your bill will reflect that. Often the first semester bill becomes due before everything gets sorted out. Frequent communication between ROTC, the Bursar and you will settle things down. Most often a grace period will be granted.

    Please understand that there will be more paperwork that will be required and you will have to pass a physical fitness test at school before you are "officially" on board. Failing the PFT can create real problems with finances so be prepared.

    Now is the time to finish your high school classes, enjoy prom, and have some fun before reporting to school. Make sure to stay in shape and work out often. Candidates always report that PFT's at the ROTC unit are always a lot more stringent than those given at high school.

    Also, I have to remind you to stay out of trouble. Every year someone reports that they lost their scholarship due to legal trouble.

    Best wishes
  3. clarksonarmy

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    What did they tell you when you called the NROTC unit? There are hundreds and hundreds of ROTC organizations and each one does things a little differently. Might want to give your new organization a call and ask them what you asked us.
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    And as USMCGrunt said, the cadre at the school will be busy... so keep making those calls until you get through to someone. Email can work too. Or better both.
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    Pay your advance deposits, especially for housing. The national NROTC scholarship is for tuition. Room and board remains the responsibility of the student/parents. There are some universities who provide a stipend for room and board if you are a ROTC student, but not very many.

    Also, do all that you can to be physically prepared. At my daughter's orientation week before the start of school last fall, her NROTC unit lost about 8 out of 32 in one week's time!

    Good luck and congrats!
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    Contact the admissions/financial aid office at the school and make sure they are aware of the scholarship that has been awarded. When I contacted those offices, the individuals I initially spoke with were not sure what to do and had to send the question "up the chain". Imagine my surprise when they called me back and said that, as a result of DS' 4 yr AROTC scholarship (the first in a few years at this school), room and board would be covered as well (not from the AROTC scholarship but as recognition from the college. DS was also awarded a "Presidential scholarship" that we could no longer use so presumably, that scholarship has now been passed to another deserving candidate, making him/her and parents happy!) !!! :biggrin: We never expected it, and wow, what great news.

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