i'm excited...and nervous!


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Feb 17, 2007
hey everyone!

i'm 10 days and counting until i report to newport for NAPS. i'm so excited! but, i'm also a little nervous. any last minute tips would be great!:shake:

i also want to say thank you to the SA forum family. you guys have answered so many questions for me and my family over the last year and you have no idea how grateful we are. i'm going to miss getting on here (at least for the indoc period)!:cool:

anyways, i just wanted to say thanks.

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Navy_Clarinet -

I wish you the best this year! :thumb:
Study hard and work hard. Remember, NAPS is not USNA but a means to get to USNA! Please keep in touch when you can! We are rootin' for ya'!:yay:

And same to Just A Mom and her 'Bammy bound dd!

To both ... go get 'em, make your parents proud, and keep your eye on the ball. This year will fly by, so as one so wisely said ...

"Don't count the days. Make the days count." Everyone of them.

Blessings girls.:thumb: :beer1: :rockon: :groupwave:

looking back, naps was awesome. even at the academy two years later, you'll still have that bond even if you never really talked to that person.
Maybe your screen name is no longer valid and you should pick another one? (usna_reject)

Just a thought.
until I walk on that stage, anything can happen
and that applies to everyone

sorry, midshipman cynic :redface:
oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh....

ONE WEEK! i'm totally going crazy!:biggrin:
Relax, many many thousands have gone before you and the vast majority have succeeded. Those who don't, most didn't really want to be there in the first place. You will have a lot of people trying to help your success and NONE trying to make you a failure. Go with the flow. Let them help you. And take it one day at a time.
Go get 'em! Keep a smile on the inside. Good luck to you & come back & tell of your adventures when you are able to. We'll be here rooting you on! :thumb:
What Jamzmom said!! :thumb:
Good Luck - work hard, study hard...When you get liberty check out the mansions in Newport! :smile:
Bet "our" girl didn't sleep a wink last night. Probably won't tonight either. :wink:
Actually she said that she slept rather well last night, surprisingly. Tonight may be a different story though. :eek:

I have heard from her and she did make it up there. She will be staying at Ripley Hall tonight and the fun starts tomorrow.

She is asking for notes of encouragement so if anyone wants to send her messages, I have been asked to print them off and forward them up with our regular mail going to her.

Thanks again for all the support and information given to her. It has helped a lot.

I am counting the days until Oct 4th when we head up for Parents Weekend.
HI MOM!! Awesome that you've posted here! I will surely want to send a message soon. Seems I am a day behind on the goings on at NAPS. :biggrin: So tomorrow the fun begins..... Well, she's stearn stuff that one & she'll come out so fine it'll thrill you to pieces. Oct. 4 will be a great day. Congrats on having such a wonderful daughter!!

My daughter did four years of High School in Newport. She is curently USNA Class of 2011. The best place for breakfast or lunch is the Atlantic Grill in Middletown between first & second beach. Great food, lots of it and good price. Weekend lines can form. Another good place is the Seabreeze Cafe at the end of Thames Street. It is expensive for meals but the take out pastrys are the best. Panera Bread is good downtown for sometrhing quick. Do the Mansion tour if you get a chance and see the flower show (in season) at Rosecliff where they filmed the Great Gatsby. Definitly do the cliff walk on a nice evening. During the weekends you can look over the fences and see some of the wedding receptions. The Mansions rent out for special occasions. Take a Schooner ride out of the harbor and along the bay. If you only do it once go to Castle Hill Inn for weekend brunch or a dinner anytime. It is rated one of the tops in the country and definetly the best on Aquidneck Island. This is all off the top of my head. If anyone needs any information about Newport or the surronding area e-mail me and I will attempt to find the answers.

Sorry. I was running off at the mouth again to the parents. They need something to do when they visit and you want to sleep. Best of luck and we will see you at Annapolis next year.
For parents. Forgot another one. Motel-6 is the best place to stay if you are visiting. Cheapest rates on the island and convenient to everything.
Go Britney

Good luck today. we are all pulling and praying for you. You have the world in front of you and It all starts today!!!!

We expect updates from your parents and we will all be looking forward to hear of your success.
NC's MOM - you have one awesome girl! Please keep us updated - we are all soooooooooo proud of her!!! :wink:
Wishing her nothing but success!:thumb:
Just to update everyone. I got a call from her today. She has developed a rather serious knee injury and is on a medical chit for a while. Please keep her in your prayers that it is not too bad. They are doing more testing. I will keep you posted.

Otherwise, her spirits seemed good and she still has her sense of humor. She is tough and hanging in there. Her biggest complaint (other than her knee) is the crazy weather. She did get caught in a downpour the other day and got absolutely drenched. She says that she has been wet ever since.