Insightful Video Explaining SMCs, MJCs, & ROTC


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Jan 13, 2018

I’ve posted this video somewhere else on this forum (please don’t ban me), but I thought I’d post it here so that it receives more traffic.

Above is a very insightful video produced by none other than the US Army (hooah). The video mentions every SMC (senior military college) and MJC (military junior college) as well as the distinct purpose of each type of institution.

The video only has around 30,000 views, so I figured that a good number of SA Forum users have yet to see it. Enjoy.
Can you send the URL for this? I would like to share with my daughter who will be attending VMI on a full AROTC scholarship. Thank you sharing. I believe the quote that went " you have to experience it to understand how great it is" sums this up.
@Boatdad You can get it by right clicking on the video and selecting 'copy video url'. At least in Chrome you can. Don't know about other browsers but I'm confident there is a way.
Click directly on the title of the video. Doing so will open the video in a new tab. This works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

I hope this helps.
A friend mentioned this video was made in 2010 - would be nice if the Army Cadet Command would reissue and give it some promotion. I am afraid today's youth are fast losing sight of why selfless service is the most meaningful experience in life.

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