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    I had a few quick questions about inspections at USNA. How much time (if any) during Plebe Summer do the detailers teach plebes about how to prepare rooms for inspections. For example, how much time do they spend teaching plebes about how to make the beds and fold the clothes? Also, how much time is typically given to change uniforms throughout the day?
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    A Fun Question - A LOL Positive Response

    I would expect a lot of fun responses to this question. That said if it was like boot-camp there is a planned training time for this. The real fun begins when the "teachers of the craft" get to turn rooms upside down and make these kids go back in and make everything perfect again. This is only if it's the same as enlisted boot-camp.

    How much "time to they give", I'm confident this is also much like boot-camp. Be ready for anything, you get what they give you and you learn to adapt and overcome. When they turn everything upside down 1,000x over the plebes will able to correct it with eyes closed in a time frame they never though possible. To ease the thought of time just remember they (not the plebe) know exactly what the end results will be no matter what time they are given.

    Please take my response with a grain of salt as I'm going off what we did during enlisted boot-camp almost 30 years ago. The Academy is clearly a much higher level of play, it could very well be very different.

    Happy New Year!!!
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    You will have less time to do anything you want to do, but generally enough time to actually get it done (the trick is to figure out HOW to do what you need to do in the time you have).

    They will teach you. You will learn. And the experience will not be pleasant.
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    #BackInMyKnobYear XD
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    You'll get as much instruction as you need. Seriously.

    Also, one of the ways you learn is to be corrected when you are deficient. Seriously. Also, NAPSters and prior enlisted will have a lot of good tips that they'll share with others. Some is "instruction" but most is figuring it out as you go along.

    Inspections are important at USNA but one of the things you learn is to balance your time, especially when you need to balance inspections vs. other things, such as academics. For example, during PS, inspections are important because you don't have a lot else to do (well, you do, but it's of equal importance). During Ac Year, inspections become somewhat less important; the best looking room and uniform in the brigade won't help you if you're failing your classes.

    As for changing uniforms, during PS you do something called "uniform races." In all honesty, it's one of the single most important things I took away from USNA in terms of "plebe stuff." Holds you in very good stead the rest of your life.
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    ROLFL: Best line I've seen on this site, thanks ;-) Happy New Years everyone..
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    To summarize, you learn "on the fly."
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    This reminds me of what I did as a 1st set Plebe Summer squad leader (detailer) back in the summer of '78. I had a particularly sharp enlisted Marine in my squad (usually 12 Plebes in a squad). I couldn't get him to slip up in anything. We were instructed to make sure that every Plebe experienced some level of failure. So, I taught him how everything was to be folded and stowed - how the racks were to be made - what the expectations were for inspections. I then instructed him to teach his squadmates. I didn't teach them. I made him teach them. I informed him that their failures would also be his failures. Great fun! :smile:

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