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    Former Pentagon Guru’s Dire Warning on America’s Military Future (and Fertilizer Bombs)

    Future Warfare and our domestic politics are completely shifting.

    In the early 90′s … there was a thinking that you could shift resources … to spend defense resources on other national priorities, that was the motif back then. Now, you don’t see that as much, you don’t see a lot of talk about diverting defense resources … I think there’s less gravitational pull on the defense budget in that sense, particularly from the left side of the political spectrum.

    The countering shift though, is on the right on hand side – mostly on the Republican side – support for defense I think is not as strong as it once was. I think in the Tea Party, and in some other newer groups, deficit reduction has started to trump maintaining defense.

    “So there isn’t as much pull down from the left, there isn’t as much support from the right, but right now there is an uneasy stability but we haven’t seen the full impact of the reductions that are already in place because of the instability in the budget,” he said.

    The real challenge is, Lynn said, is that the Pentagon’s needs are not declining.
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    At one of the LDAC graduations last year, the speaker told the assembled cadets they would have to learn how to do less with less.
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    I like that.

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