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    May 1, 2013
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    Received an email today via my DS's school - here is what caught my eye...

    The number of applications received so far this year by this office are significantly lower than in prior years. Although the academies are also reflecting a drop in total applications, I suspect that some students are only applying through the Presidential and Senate categories. Since we work so closely with the Senate offices, it proportionately increases a student’s chances of receiving a nomination if they apply through all available sources. Any assistance that you could provide in encouraging your students who live in the 11th Congressional District to also apply to our office would be greatly appreciated.

    My question immediately was - are the Academies in fact receiving fewer applications? What is this based on?
    And interesting how the congressional office is reaching out through the high school for more applications.
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    Nov 3, 2007
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    When I spoke to the liaison at our senator's office, I was told applications for nominations were way down as well. Interesting trend if this is nationwide.
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    Mar 1, 2013
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    DS had a MOC interview today...Office Liaison stated that they had less than half the applications this year than past years....
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    Sep 30, 2013
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    MOC comments

    at the congressman's office they said USNA about the same number of applications, while the USAFA is way down. I wonder if the gov't shutdown turned people off, or if something else is going on. Not sure about the senator's office, they don't communicate as much.:confused:
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    I think it's a dumb message

    A Presidential nomination requires military parents, so unless the district has a large military population kids won't be getting Presidential

    Senate category is competing against everyone in the state. So unless you live in a small state, competition for senatorial nomination will be more than Congressional.

    Lastly, the number of applications doesn't matter. The SAs count kids that opened their files and don't do anything as applicants.
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    I would also add a few more different twists.
    1. Even if only 10 kids apply for the nom., the candidate still has to win that nom. at the SA level before being thrown into the pool.
    ~~~ Adding onto the opening packages at the SA matters still

    2. Same thought, twist now. I believe it is @4300+ that get noms, but only @1600 +/- receive apptmts.
    ~~~ So again even if they only had 10 kids apply for the nom. and all 10 got the nom, @2700+/- with noms will be left out in the cold.
    ~ The drop in numbers doesn't truly increase the chance of an appointment when you look at that number.

    3. The numbers submitting dropped remark.
    ~~~ What is the dropped in actual numbers? Some MOCs can have 700 applications or more, so dropping to 500 is a big drop, but in reality that is still very competitive. If they dropped from 150 to 120, that may be a small drop to you, but to them because they are processing it in the office it is a 20% drop. Yet, still way more than the 10 they can nom. per slate.
    ~~~ I know of at least 3 posters that have done interviews and were told that you get a nom from another MOC we will not give you one. Spreading the wealth is still occurring in many states.
    ~~~ There is also a lot of mis-information out there. I know of 2 threads on this site where posters questioned if it was necessary to apply to both, and should they.

    This site is small, and luckily for them they found this site, but for those that are being told they only need 1 nom., it can explain why numbers are dropping.

    Finally, I am not shocked at numbers dropping due to multiple reasons.
    1. Sequestration and govt shutdown.
    ~~~ When the news was filled with cancellation of Blue Angels and Thunderbirds to save money, plus how the SA instructors were being furloughed with classes being combined during the shutdown, some people who were not wholly committed to this academic lifestyle may have walked away.
    2. The stock market is growing and parents don't worry as much now about dipping into their accounts like they did in 08 to pay for college.
    ~~~ Sorry for the cynic, but that is true, many kids/parents saw it as an Ivy league education for free, with a guaranteed job and owing back only 5 yrs., instead of a 200K Ivy league bill paid in loans owed for 10 yrs.
    ~ Any parent that attended a HS awards night knows the spiel they give. 400K education, plus a monthly allowance for spending, and a guaranteed job at the end of the 4 yrs. from an academic Ivy league education.
    3. Candidates are more educated/informed now. They do a lot of research on the net yrs in advance.
    ~~~ There are posters here currently asking DoDMERB questions because they know they have medical issues that may cause the end of the road before they even start in a yr or two. They are doing the research earlier than in yrs past. Asking questions, and by doing more research on the net they may decide this is not the path.
    Heck, there is a poster that has an 11 yr old researching already for the class of 2025.

    That is my 0.019754 cents of an opinion, and throw it in the circular filing cabinet after reading it.

    In the end it doesn't matter how many apply for a nom., it is how you rack and stack out of the other 9 on the slate to win the nom., and how you will rack and stack if sent to the national pool.
    ~~~ Your MOC may see a numbers drop, but if you don't win it, and go to the pool, your stats will go up against candidates from states that still spread the wealth, which can be inferred to be highly competitive candidates. I.E. VA, Fairfax county has the avg SAT score of 1300+ for all of their students, not just SA candidates. Their county school budget is more than the lowest 8 states pay for their education budget in the nation. The MOCs in VA share the wealth, and many use principal.

    I know that my post was Debbie Downer and I apologize for it, but to understand why some feel that this is nothing, you need to understand how appointments are charged. Even if the SAs went from 16K opening to 12K, 10K from becoming candidates to 5K, it doesn't matter because there are only a limited amount of noms. Most importantly there are only limited numbers allowed at any SA (4400). If they have a graduating class of 800, but C2C, C3C and C4C equal 3600 come June, than in short, the appointments will shrink to stay under that number.

    Just saying, look at the whole picture.
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    Nov 12, 2013
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    My DD had her interview with her Congresswoman last week, and the administrator said that this year their office had half the nomination applications they had last year. We are in MA, so I am not sure if this is a national or regional trend.
  8. grevar

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    Our congressman's staffer told DS that our district only received 18 applications to ALL service academies this year. WAY down compared to prior years. Not sure about the senatorial noms considering they are statewide.

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