Is Nevada competitive for nominations???


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Jan 4, 2009
Does anyone know how competitive Nevada is for congressional nominations? How does it compare to other states???

This should be moved to the nominations thread, I guess. I'm not sure about your question though sorry
This is really a no win question. Every state has people ask the same question. I've got to tell you that pretty much every state is competitive. The only thing that may have a little bit of influence on nominations and chances, is what district do you live in; is there a military base near by, and does the population look fondly of the military? I.e. If you live in an area not too fond of the military; EXAMPLE: Berkley California (Not saying they are or not; no stereotyping here.just an example). And you are applying for a nomination. You could easily find yourself as one of the only applicants for your representative. Therefor, your chances of a nomination go up tremendously. On the other hand; if you live in an area like: EXAMPLE: San Antonio tx; where there a number of air force bases around; and people think very highly of the air force; you may find 100 applicants trying to get a nomination from 1 representative. Or; an entire state like Wyoming which ONLY HAS 1 REPRESENTATIVE. But the state is very pro-military; yet very traditional ranching, farming, family. Then you have maybe only 19 applicants. (That's how many were applying for Class of 2012); yet they all have to compete with 1 representative.

So, to answer your question is difficult. If you have the grades, sports, ranking, activities, resume, etc... then you will have a great chance no matter where you live. If you fall into the "Average" category; in Nevada; then it depends on the district you live in. If you are around Nellis Air Force base; with a lot of pro-military people; you might find a lot of competition. If you're further out by Reno; you might find it's easier. MOST Representatives post on their web sites who they've nominated to the academies and how many are there currently. You might find that your rep doesn't get a lot of applications. Best of luck. Mike....
Yes Nevada is competative. If you are in Berkley's district you will have about 15-20 people competing for nomination. If you are in Porters old district you will have an equal number. Nellis AFB and the large number of AFJROTC programs, plus three CAP Cadet Squadrons drive the numbers higher.

Because the Reno district is much more rural it would normally be lower, but throw in Reno and NAS Fallon and that means 15-20 there too.

This leaves Sen's Reid and Ensign. As a rule in Nevada they have been using a joint panel to interveiw. Each Congressmember and Senators reps talk with the others to maximize nominations. Until this year they sponsored a Service Academy Night in Vegas and Reno to help candidates.
Excellent info DS. I'm glad that Nevada does that for their applicants. Wyoming also communicates a lot. With only 1 representative; it's not too difficult. But the rep chats with the 2 senators to maximize their chances. They also stay in contact with each candidate and the academy. This way they can find out early if there are any with a presidential or such so they can get someone else in. Of course, the academy doesn't like to tell them that, because if they can get the rep or senator to use one of their nominations, the academy can take BACK the presidential and give it to someone else. But at least some states are doing their best to get in as many as possible. later.... mike....