It has arrived everybody


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Nov 18, 2007
Hello everybody,
i just came back from my D.C. trip yesterday, so this is my first post since then. On Saturday March 29, i was looking at the city of New York (we went there too) atop the Rockefeller building at night, when i checked my voicemail on my cell phone and heard my dad telling me that my appointment to USAFA arrived in the mail that day. I was more shocked than elated, and it was truly something else to know of my dreams coming true while overlooking New York on a Saturday night. I am extremely happy and very excited for what i am about to embark on. I just want to thank my parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and most of all, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (i dont care if i'm not allowed to say it, i'm saying it anyways), for without whom i amount to nothing.
i also want to thank everybody on these forums (ESPECIALLY hornetguy, as well as pima, Zaphod, peskemom, and i'm sure a few others on this forum who i forgot to mention). these individuals have been there with me asking me question after question, and i'm sorry for being more of a vaccum than a contributer!! I have a ton more questions and comments i want to say, but i will let those flow as they come. again, thank you everybody!!
"Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (i dont care if i'm not allowed to say it, i'm saying it anyways), "

You can ALWAYS say that! Don't every be afraid to.
Congratulations, flyboy!!

Your dream has come true!!!


I can imagine you standing on top of the world (Rockefeller) hearing the great news! What an awesome feeling that must have been. Now, you know the routine--tissues for mom!!!!!!
Congratulations, flyboy. Keep the questions coming, I am sure you will have many more, now!

lol, yes i have questions. i will be attending one of the orienation dates. hornetguy, when will you be there?! and is there anything i should know about the orientation? i haven't had a chance to thoroughly read everything i got from usafa in my offer of appointment package, so not too many questions now, but they will come :)
1000 Congrats flyboy! Kinda sounds like the back drop for a movie. Rocky had his many steps but YOU had the Rockefeller building! Way to go! :thumb:
We are all excited for you, too!! And don't worry... you will be contributing soon enough! :shake:
Another success story for this year. Congratulations and good luck!!!