Items allowed at USAFA


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Nov 9, 2017
Can anyone shed light on what you are allowed to have at the Academy (both your plebe year and other years) specifically regarding things in your room, or personal effects like a computer for example, or an Xbox. And how much “personalization” can be done in the latter years?I’ve heard it both ways that it is and isn’t allowed and it sometimes depends on your squadron.
As I recall, some stuff for Doolies is squadron specific. Most get their printer, computer screen, etc. over Parents Weekend. Amazon for books. Don't know about Xbox, but don't think you will have much time for it in Doolie year. Get a sleeping bag; you will find it more useful. We got DD a digital picture frame which shows a slideshow of pics she uploaded. You can have a bible right away. Some put photos inside it. Current cadets will have the up-to-date info. Good luck!
Wait until at least Parent's Weekend to consider bringing out a desktop computer or Xbox, they go back and forth what seems like every year on those rules at the wing level which leads to some confusing variations at the squadron level. Regardless, you'll be able to have either of those after 4* year if they restrict it during the first year.

I would really suggest waiting to bring out anything for gaming until after 4* year, to be honest. Unless you have a great GPA and are pretty well balanced in all your cadet duties, gaming can be a huge distraction and has put more than a few doolies on acpro that first year. Another option, if you develop a good relationship with your sponsors, could be to bring it out to their house. That way, you're not tempted to use it during the week, but you do have an option to blow off some steam on the weekends.

As far as personalizing your room, that depends too. You can put pretty much whatever you want on your bulletin board behind your desk, so a lot of people put up pictures. When I was about to graduate, they were going back and forth on whether the upper 3 or upper 2 classes could use their own bedsheets (everyone uses the same comforter during daily inspections, though, so it's not like you can be that unique.) You might be able to put a state flag or something on your wall, but that's about it as far as decorating...there's a limit on personal items that you can display based on your class year, so a digital picture frame is a pretty solid idea.
So one thing that's pretty standard is that doolies are not allowed to have any sort of gaming system in their rooms (upperclassmen can). They CAN have an external monitor to augment their issued computers. Personal computers are kind of a gray area, your doolie will have to do most school work on their issued computers because it's connected to the usafa network, but I don't think anyone would give them grief for owning a personal one too.

Doolies are allowed 2 "personal items" to display in their room, such as a picture frame, knick knack, etc. Sophomores are allowed 6, juniors 9, and seniors 15. This is a wing-wide rule, but it's kind of squadron dependent how strictly they enforce it. Between you and your roommate you're allowed 3 large items in the room such as snowboards and guitars. To expand on Blahu, upper 2 are allowed to use their own sheets with the issued comforter, but I've yet to meet a sophomore who doesn't use their own sheets and carefully hides them every day with the comforter. Doolies have different, more stringent bed standards. I like to tell my doolies if it's convenient, fun, or makes your life better, you can't have it lol.
Thanks for all the helpful responses! I don’t actually have an Xbox, I just figured if they allowed that, they would allow pretty much anything I could think to bring haha. Thanks! :)
DS is a current Doolie and I can agree with the above posted comments. Do not plan on taking anything except what is on the list you are given at each different phase of your Doolie year (I-Day, beginning of semester etc.). Some squadrons are more lenient than others but as a Doolie, your job is to toe the line and not cause any waves. As a parent, we never send anything that our DS has not gotten specific authorization to have in his room. And I can attest that you will not have time for gaming your Doolie year (sleep will be the luxury you will crave).
Even if/when personal items such as xBoxes are allowed, ask yourself if you have the fortitude not to let them become diversions from homework or other duties. Everyone needs to get away from "the suck" at times, but be careful.

BTW, my C4C knows a couple of doolies willing to risk honor hits by having Xboxes in their rooms. IMHO, it may be a contributing factor why one of them is facing AcPro...
You will be told exactly what to bring on I-Day. Bring those items, and NOTHING ELSE. By Parents Weekend, you'll be about 3-4 weeks into the Academic Year, and you will know what items are permitted to 4*'s by your squadron. It may be that you are allowed virtually nothing beyond the very basics. It may be that your room rivals that of your sibling in civilian college (yeah, keep thinking that. haha).