Joining NROTC w/o scholarship


Jan 13, 2017
This may be a dumb question but does anyone have any insight into the application process for joining an ROTC program in college without scholarship? I've searched the website for my plan B's school and emailed them a couple of weeks ago to inquire but no info. I just thought I should start preparing now!
Try the phone. The application process tends to be unique to each college, at least in my experience. The key is to find out what courses you need to register for.. Military/Naval Science, Lab and PT. Some will have course numbers at some schools, some may not. In any case course numbers are probably unique to each school. Being registered for the classes should kick off the process but it's a good idea to speak with them anyway. They will need to let you know when to report for orientation which might be a week ahead of when school starts. Most will have you complete a physical with your own doctor, similar to a high school sports physical to make sure you're cleared to participate in PT. There may be some other items that need to be completed and turned in. Good luck.
Ultimately you want to speak with the officer incharge of the freshman class, but they are not always the easiest to get in touch with. The civilian administrator (the secretary in the good old days) will be a wealth of knowledge and they are much easier to get in touch with. Call the main number and talk to whoever answers. They will be able to give you some direction and then you can follow up with the officer in the unit.