Just accepted offer to AFA Prep School

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May 1, 2008
Hey everyone,
My name is kyle and i recently found out that I will become an USAFA cadet candidate at the Prep School. I'm in the Air Force stationed at Hickam AFB, HI. I was shocked when I found out so I decided to do as much research as possible. Honestly, I didn't exactly expect to get accepted. Well, that's my story and i'm glad to be a part of this forum. See you on I-Day.
Congratulations, Kyle, and welcome to this forum. We're glad to have you here.

Welcome Kyle & congrats! I'm sure you'll have questions & we've some great Air Force folks here to help you out. Jump in any time!
Congrats Kyle...it looks like you are AD since you stated you are stationed at Hickham...wow...you have started your career off great, got to be at a beautiful base and then get an appt. Good luck and G*d Speed.

What will you be majoring in at the AFA?
Thanks guys

hey thanks guys for your comments,
I plan on majoring in either Eco or Meteorology. Yeah Hawaii is beautiful and I'll be turning 21 pretty soon, so I'll be able to celebrate before I get to the School. I'm glad to be on this forum and I've already posted some questions, everyone's so helpful.
A BIG congrats to you! That's great news and I love hearing that....Do you still get a promotion when you get picked up for prep school? A friend of mine (20-some yrs ago) got selected off AD and got to sew on staff, E-5 before she left for prep.
All the best to you, good luck and congrats again!
Congrats. I'll be a firstie (senior) when you inprocess after the prep school, good luck in the next year! ;)
dang that means you'll get to mess with me then, hornetguy. And yes you get promoted in Prep School if you're up for it but i won't be up for promotion during my time.