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    My DS has a primary goal to get into the Naval Academy. Right now is selected to session 3 for the NASS and will be attending one of their sports camps. He has also interviewed with a B&G and been in contact with our US Senators and Congressman... Off to the races with this part.

    When the NROTC application he got right on that and has filled in (but not submitted) all of the information they require.

    His school choices are:
    1. BU
    2. University of South Carolina
    3. North Carolina State University
    4. PENN St
    5. University of Maryland at College Park

    His academics, school involvement (clubs), volunteer / community service, and athletics are what you would normally see in a competative candidate.

    I'm keeping my distance by using the forum and not bother him with questions to avoid any influance.

    With that I have been to the Academy, BU, PENN St, and The University of Maryland at College Park. I also know what they all look for in regard to ACT and SAT.

    My questions are:
    1. Does anybody know anything about the NROTC unit at The University of South Carolina?

    My sons current 1st time SAT and ACT score are:
    SAT: Reading 540 - Math - 640 Writing - 630
    ACT: Comp. 28 Math 26 - English 31

    His first test were taken cold and over the past couple of months he has been taking a prep class with 8 others. His practice test for SAT and ACT put him in the following:

    SAT: Reading 620 - Math 700 - Writing - 670
    ACT: Comp. 30 - Englisn 32 - Math 29

    If he actually scores in thes two areas which one would be better to submit?
    Is it better to just submit both?

    Thank you...
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    There are plenty of sources where you can find a conversion table to calculate which scores are better. They superscore, so if any part of the test is superior to what has already been reported they will insert the new higer score and disregard the lower (or so they assure us.)

    Those would be good scores, although it seems the average goes up every year. Not so long ago 1200 CR and Math combined would be competitive. Today it is 1300 and up (not taking other accomplishments into account.)

    Good luck! There are lots of impressive kids out there.:thumb:
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    ^ right... just google "ACT to SAT conversion" and you'll track that down. I'd do it for you, but it wouldn't hurt for you to get good at googling. It is one of the most useful features in all of Internet Land.

    P.S. Tell him that several knowledgeable sources say it is good to get the NROTC application in as soon as possible... certainly before the end of June... that includes Teacher Recs and Officer Interview, the two normal obstacles to timeliness. This is not the case with the Academy application.

    P.P.S. Tell him to rethink which school he lists as #1. He has to weigh the cost/benefit of listing a school where he as a x% (let's just say 60%) chance of not getting admitted. If he gets a scholarship award to BU, and then doesn't get in, he will have to scramble to see if the Award can be transferred to another school on his list... but those NROTC Units might have already used their scholarship quota by the time he does that. So he needs to assess the % he'll actually get into BU and roll the dice as he sees it.
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    I would submit them both. Reportedly, Math is weighed significantly heavier so my guess is that the SAT is going to give him more points. Let them figure out which will give him more points as that is what the academies suggest.
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    maybe kinnem will see this thread soon as his son is in NROTC at Univ. of S.C. In fact, we visited there over spring break with our son who is investigating which schools he wants to put on the NROTC app. feel free to pm me also if you'd like. but I'm sure Kinnem will be much more helpful!
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    Well that last post got my attention. Thanks rudyinok! :thumb:

    Yes, my son is a (soon to be, provided he does OK on his finals) a rising junior at the University of South Carolina. He's a Marine Option who won a sideload scholarship this past December. There's about 100 midshipmen in the unit, including several MECEPS. It's an excellent unit IMO but I have nothing to compare it to. I can say it has become the center of my son's life at the University and his participation has done wonders for him. Where he wouldn't put in extra work-out time for wrestling in high-school he's always doing extra workouts and volunteering for anything that comes up associated with the unit. Where it was always difficult to get him to study in high school and I never felt like he was achieving his potential, he has been on the Dean's List each semester so far in college. He has served as a squad leader twice, is currently a Platoon Sergeant, and will be a Company XO this fall. He has far exceeded my expectations for him and I attribute most of it to the positive influence of the unit, and the friendships he has made in the unit and with the staff. If you have more specific questions I'm confident I can answer them for you or get the answers for you.

    Your son's potential SAT scores look good for admission to the college. See here for more details on that: http://www.sc.edu/admissions/apply/first_year_students/freshmanrequirements.html

    The best places to learn about the unit on the web are here: http://www.sc.edu/nrotc/

    and on Facebook for some great pics here: https://www.facebook.com/Gamecock20?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab

    The unit sponsors a Sailing Club, Cockpit Club, Nursing Club, Semper Fi, and Boat Crew (SpecOps). They are the only unit in the nation with anything like Boat Crew, at least according to my understanding. They also have an excellent Drill Team which has won or placed second in their last three drill competitions (the only one's I know about).

    My son's stats when admitted to the University were as follows:
    SAT: Math 610, Reading 700, Writing 600
    ACT: Math 26, Reading 31, English 26

    He won a Woodrow Scholarship which brings tuition down to near in-state rates (which is how he got to go there - it was his #1 choice school). You can read about the Woodrow scholarship on the Financial Aid web pages. Out of State students who apply are eligible for consideration for this scholarship - no additional application required. The year my son completed NROTC freshman orientation the NROTC alumni association bestowed a scholarship on the college programmers who successfully completed the orientation that brought their tuition down to the same near in-state rates. Unfortunately you cannot double-dip. I don't know if the alumni association still does this but it's a question worth asking if you visit the unit.

    Hope this is helpful. Again, if you have more specific questions feel free to post here or PM me.
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