Just received the appointment yesterday 5/1


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Mar 24, 2008
Our son just received his appointment yesterday and is accepting it today. Since he is a late arrival he did not have the benefit of visiting much less finding a host family or sharing in the wisdom of prior experience. I know we have a very active Parent support group in our area, but how can he find out the "who, what, when, where, how and why" from information that has already been sent out?

You forgot to say which academy that he is going to. It would be more helpful knowing where to get better information.

I would also go to www.collegeconfidential.com and on the SA site that he will be attending, you might be able to find some threads that will give you more info.

As always...BUBBLE WRAP him right now:shake:
ok, easier to help you now!! Your sponsor family will not be assigned until you are up there, so don't worry about that. Everything else you need to know/do is on your log in page and will come in a packet "for those offered appointment." If you have that, get busy!! If not, it's coming soon!
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Congratulations!!! Your son made a great choice!!! :wink::thumb:

College confidential is a great resource. I would also highly recommend


Also, please feel free to ask any questions here, or PM me if you are hesitant to post questions that are more personal.

Hold on tight, now you're really on the roller coaster!!! :eek::shake:
:jump1:Yah...another West Point parent!!! Congrats!!

If you have specific questions feel free to ask and we'll do our best to help you.

Have you joined your local West Point Parents Club? If you haven't yet, you should consider joining. Our local club has a mentoring program for plebe parents. They match you with another family with an upperclass cadet. They are a good source to call when you have questions or concerns. If your club offers this option I would highly recommend signing up.