Knee Pain Post-Appointment

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    Wasn't sure where else to post this, but I'm in a little bit of a predicament. I've received appointments to USAFA and USNA and I already accepted USNA.

    I'm a Judoka, and the sport tends to involve a lot of pivoting and lifting, making it a bit hard on the knees. Since a few days ago, I've been having some bad inner-knee pain, and hoping it would pass, I laid off the activity for a few days. This morning as I was walking down the stairs, a shooting pain shot through my inner knee, and now I'm a little concerned.

    I want to get it checked out by the doctor, but I'm afraid of what he'll find. I don't want this to affect my appointment in any way. Would it be best to give it more time or to just see a doctor?
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    Lay off for more than a few days.
    Give it a chance to get better.
    But remember worse would be to show up with a bad knee and not be able to fulfill the physical requirements.
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    Go see a doctor.
    1. You could do more damage by not going
    2. At I Day they will give you a short physical and can reject you.
    3. BCT is going to be physically strenuous, if you don't see a doctor now and it heals improperly you can reinjure it at BCT and become a medical turnback.
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    +1 @Pima go see your doctor.

    Make sure you have a discussion with your physician. Tell them you are going to a SA. You were reluctant to come to the doctor for fear that a diagnosis could disqualify you from attending. And most importantly, before they put any diagnosis into your record, could you discuss it. You want to make sure you have a discussion about any diagnosis. If your physician is going to put anything into your record you want to know about it first, and you want to make sure that they are 100%.
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    My DS had an appointment to Coast Guard prep and suffered a sports hernia. Now he has a "conditional appointment" and is waiting for a wiaver. The way it reads is that any change in medical status must be reported. If you think it serious enough to be seen by a doctor be prepared to go through the waiver process.
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    I wont disagree with Pima, but on the other hand, I would probably stay off it for a week and see if the problem goes away. If after that you have no pain, feel strong again, and are solid as ever, then no issue. If you turned your ankle I would say the same thing. This assumes that you can walk normally right now, and that before you had the shooting pain walking on the stairs you were seeing some improvement by reducing activity for a few days. Honestly though, you need to asses how bad you think it is. Most of the time a person will know if pain is a serious problem or just from overuse or pushing yourself too much. If any question about that, go to the DR. Once you see the Dr, you better report it and hope for the best.

    My son played a season of baseball after passing Dodmerb, and had some small injuries that we had concerns about, but healed up quickly enough without going to the Dr, and were not the type that we would have rushed him for medical attention otherwise. within a week or less they were fine, and didnt even keep him from playing (although some kids would have sat out a game or two). Some things just get better after a few days. Some dont, Use your own judgement.

    Good luck.
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    I'm not a doctor but I am a mom of a kid with a previous knee injury. Do all the things you're supposed to do - PRICE injury mitigation helps. Inner kner pain usually means you took a blow or forces bowed your knee from the outside. If you're not feeling confident after the normal banged up bruise treatment, don't delay in seeing a sports or orthopedic doctor. Skip the primary and x-rays with a knee of you can, or ask to get to an ortho quickly because of your sensitive situatuon.

    Be your own advocate and squeaky wheel with your doctor, don't let insurance bureaucracy slow you down.