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Jan 13, 2009
Just wondering if there are any graduates/currently attending from either The Citadel or VMI here!

I just want to know the restrictions (phones, internet, etc) that are placed on

Knobs: Rats:
I believe this is what you're looking for.

Here is the link to the thread.

Here is the post from the thread to save you some time.

Breakout was yesterday, the 31st. This is very cool, because it's in keeping with a dykeline tradition. They had the same exact number of days in the Ratline as their dykes and granddykes.

Class of '06: August 17th, 2002 - January 25th, 2003
Class of '09: August 20th, 2005 - January 28th, 2006
Class of '12: August 23rd, 2008 - January 31st, 2009

The Class of '03 broke out in late February, if memory serves. :smile:

As far as cell phones go, the First Class President decided today to give Fourth Classmen the privilege of using cell phones in their rooms only. Of course, this is only in effect until they start messing up and begin to lose privileges. :rolleyes:

My rat year was the first year anyone but Firsts were allowed to have cell phones. The Second Class ('07) received that privilege at Ring Figure (just before Thanksgiving). At that time, cell phones were regulated by the Commandant's Staff. Anyone but Firsts (and then Seconds) caught with a cell phone received an automatic 5-1-5 and the phone was confiscated until the next furlough, when the cadet had to bring it home and supposedly leave it there. My Third Class year, the Second Class ('08) got pretty torked off because my Class received our cell phone privileges after the rats ('10) broke out. Here's how it works:

1) If you're a rat, you got nothin'.

2) Thirds (and now Fourths) are permitted to have and use cell phones in their rooms only. It's convenient for ordering pizza or Chinese, but it sucks terribly when your roommate is fighting with a girlfriend/boyfriend while you're trying to sleep.

3) Second Classmen can use their cell phones in their rooms or on the second stoop (the second floor of barracks, where all Second Classmen live). This provides a little more privacy, but if you talk too loudly people can still overhear your conversation.

4) First Classmen can use theirs anywhere in barracks. It's very convenient to be able to go out into the courtyards in the middle of the barracks. Very private. And it's nice to be able to sit on the benches outside the Commandant's office. :smile:

5) No cadets are authorized to have or use cell phones outside of barracks. This includes academic buildings and any location off-Post while in uniform (and we're always in uniform in public, unless we leave Rockbridge County).

Here are the major changes from Rat to Fourth Classman:
-They don't have to strain or walk in the Ratline anymore
-No one can drop them for pushups anymore
-They can talk outside of barracks and academic buildings
-They can use cell phones (this is the first year this has been permitted), but only in their rooms
-They can watch movies, play video/computer games, use IM, listen to music and fraternize (be friends with) Seconds and Thirds
-They can go out on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday evenings, other than with family/host family
-They get one weekend leave, but must depart and return in grey blouse (this goes for spring break, too)
-They can date Seconds and Thirds, but not Firsts
-They can relax when they eat (as opposed to eating at attention and not looking at their food)
-They no longer have the fear of the Rat Disciplinary Committee (this is worse than it seems... instead of paying for infractions in sweat, they will now only get PTs and/or confinement from the General Committee)
-When we switch back to white blouse (summer uniform), they'll get to wear shoulder boards that have the VMI crest on them, as opposed to the plain grey shoulder boards of rats
-They'll be getting their white-on-black nametags soon, instead of their old black-on-white ones
-Soon, they'll get their Class patches for the left shoulder of their duty jackets (it says simply "12", as opposed to the company patches of other academies/SMCs... again, we identify with Class first, company second)
-They can put their hays down at noon instead of 11:15pm now

Here are some examples of Third Class privileges:
-Being improperly dressed on the third stoop only (they can still get demerits for this though)
-They don't have to march back up to barracks after meal formations
-Wearing bathrobe on the third stoop only (this protects them from demerits)
-Loitering on the stoop (eating, drinking, standing and talking for extended periods of time)
-Use of Marshall and Lejeune Arches (they can also use Daniels Arch, as of Breakout)
-They can leave for weekends/furloughs in civvies
-They can walk on the sidewalk closest to the academic buildings

I think that's pretty much it. Good questions... keep 'em comin'!

Keep it real,
Jackie M. Briski '09
First Class Private

hope that helps.
Just wondering if there are any graduates/currently attending from either The Citadel or VMI here!

I just want to know the restrictions (phones, internet, etc) that are placed on

Knobs: Rats:

I'm a graduate of VMI and a Dad of a current 4th classman so I have some knowledge of this- I think that RAHVAMIL2009 is the person with the most detailed and most current knowledge of all of the Rat restrictions so I would defer to her for a detailed list. But basically as follows:
Rats are prohibited from surfing the net or Facebook while in the rat line, can't be watching movies etc... on their lap tops. Rats are not allowed to have phones at all nor IPODS etc... After they break out they may be allowed to have cell phones in their rooms (not in public or even out on the stoop) and the limitations on using their computer for the net , facebook, movies etc will likewise get lifted.
Rats in the rat line really have no privileges - and some of the things that are called privileges there are pretty basic- for example in addition to the above and the general sweat factor things you won't have include: wearing your bathrobe- if you have to hit the latrine you need to be fully clothed; having your bed down before 2300 (they sleep on cots which are folded up and matresses rolled up and stacked every morning by around 0600); off post passes- pretty much zero other than going up town to go Church. No civilian clothes. You can sum it up by saying they can do nada!

But hope springs eternal for Rats- they know that someday they will become full fledged human Cadets with slightly more privileges as time goes by! But don't plan in having a kegger in your room ever; you can't have a car or drive until your first class year; and you still wear your uniform for 24 hours /day as long as you are in Rockbridge County so it never will be confused for one of the top 10 party schools in America!

Hope this helps