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    Don't mean to complain, but sometimes the cadre do questionable things regarding plebe life. Would sometimes like to discuss things with the PC's CX's and CC's (going up the chain of command respectively) except that they are often unapproachable, can appear "two-faced" playing "favorites" when...
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    Extra Items beyond Checklist?

    Are candidates allowed to bring anything else besides what is on the checklist? Religious Reading Material? Sports equipment/cleats? Sticky notes?
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    Anybody got experience not making a sports team? What options do you have if you don't make the team? Any opportunities to be a manager or be allowed to practice with the team in order to make it next year? Anything helps, I'm worried I won't get to play.
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    Upcoming Final Day Advice

    Appointee travelling solo here. Will be staying in a hotel close to the academy a day early (at least). Any advice on how to treat the very last day or 2? Obviously get sleep, eat, physical exercise, etc. Extra sleep? Go for a walk and explore? Extra math practice? TV? Last meal advice (heard...
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    INDOC Question

    Is the Department of Naval Science papers/package supposed to be kept separate from other documents in another envelope? How is everything supposed to beofficially organized?
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    Is USMMA actually a Federal Service Academy?

    I have often heard that is an official federal service academy and I have also heard that it is a dedicated NROTC school. How does this academy work on paper? Is it a military academy? It seems to be a non-traditional military academy; those who do not go active-duty military serve as a USNR...
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    Good Mentality to Have Especially During Plebe Year?

    Perhaps a weird question. Any advice on how to survive plebe year? This is often said to be the hardest academy to graduate from. How do you stay sane? Is there any time at all to relax and recharge, even just briefly? Maybe occasional visits NYC? I know plebes/MIDN are extremely busy and that...
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    USMC Option?

    Just curious, does anyone know how the option to commission in the Marines works at KP? Do they go through OCS after graduation? PLC due to the crazy Kings Point schedule? Or Leatherneck? I thought Leatherneck was for USNA. Do MIDN join USNA for Leatherneck? Also how is it determined which...
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    Academic Terrors?

    I have read horror stories on these forums from years past of seemingly ridiculously difficult classes/instructors. I haven't seen as many of these within recent years. What is the current climate like for academics? How is the administration right now when it comes to giving plebes/MIDN second...
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    How do the Licensed Marine Engineering Majors Work?

    I've seen this topic brought up a few times, but I need some clarification and advice. Probably in stupid question territory, but insight is needed. How do the Marine Engineering Systems and Marine Engineering/Shipyard Management majors compare? I've looked online at the curriculum, and they...
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    BFE/Checklist Before INDOC?

    Is a formal BFE to be sent out to all recent appointees? When is a formal appointment letter/notice received? How long does it normally take to arrive? Does it include a checklist of everything that needs to be done before INDOC? Or is some sort of official checklist online/reporting...
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    Strange Email? Hopefully not a Fluke?

    Got a peculiar email along with 30ish others from LCDR Keith Watson saying I have until tomorrow night to accept my appointment. Also been on hold since maybe February or March. I didn't get to check the portal after I found out about the email, and now I can't login (perhaps because of May 1st...
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    Let's say a candidate gets accepted into one academy (say, USXA), but reeeally wants another. For example, a candidate gets accepted to US"X"A, but really wants USMMA. But USXA has a deadline to accept an appointment. If the candidate is still technically in the running for USMMA, is it best to...
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    Other Service Academy Appointment

    Got a DD here who really wants USNA. Applied to the other academies, and is hearing some positive things back from some of them regarding their respective applications, but no word on USNA. So I got a question; if DD gets an appointment to "X" Academy, is it a good idea to tell USNA about it, in...
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    USMMA Writing Prompt

    In the interests of getting a head-start on the USMMA application process, I hope to draft the essay portion over my spring break. My question is, what is the prompt for the essay portion of the USMMA portal application? Is there an item they specifically request or hint at that should be...
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    Prep School

    Does an applicant's ranking in the NWL dictate whether he or she gets to go to sponsored prep school? Example A: an applicant was just on the bubble for getting in USMMA, but ultimately does not. But because this applicant was so close, does this applicant get an offer to prep school? Or is...
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    To those who are accepted. . .

    What do you think got you accepted for an appointment over the competition?
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    Does USAFA Have a Wait List?

    Anyone know if the Academy has a wait list? I've realized that with the timeline of all the appointments being given out now, I'm definitely not even close to being their first choice. I'm starting to realize that I probably won't be accepted, but even so, it would be an honor to even be...
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    Sea Year with Coast Guard?

    Is it possible for a midshipman to participate in sea-year or at least part of sea-year aboard a U.S. Coast Guard vessel? I have heard that it is possible to do so with the U.S. Navy, so perhaps it is possible with the Coast Guard? How might this work either way?
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    Academy Information Night - Canfield, Ohio - March 17, 2020

    The offices of Senator Brown, Senator Portman, and Congressman Johnson will be hosting an informational seminar on Tuesday, March 17th at the MCCTC in Canfield, Ohio. We will be joined by representatives from the academies and AFROTC. Tuesday, March 17, 2020 MCCTC, Joyce Brooks Conference...