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    Hey, guys! I'm currently an enlisted DEPer. I was recently told about the LEAD program that allows enlisted airmen to apply for an appointment to the Academy/Prep School. Prior to enlisting, I was a college student. However, I had a time-consuming job and didn't take school too seriously, so my GPA suffered. In high school, I was a foreign exchange student during the year I would have applied to the academy had I not exchanged. My questions are: Will my poor college GPA hurt my chances at earning a LEAD spot? What can I do after tech school to be competitive? How difficult is it to get a LEAD spot?

    Thank you in advance!
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    The Academy cares about your academic record. They will look at your GPA from both high school and college. Naturally, having a lower GPA will have a negative effect on your chances. As for what you can do to be competitive, there is a thread recently posted that asked the exact same question (from an enlisted perspective). I'm not really sure how to answer your last question about how difficult it is. Every applicant is different and thus the difficulty is relative to their experiences.

    If you search "LEAD" or "prior" on this forum you will get a TON of threads discussing the process.

    My advice to you is this: Get through BMT and get through tech school. Kick *** at your job and inform your leadership of your intentions to apply. Good luck!

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