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  1. Nebulalabai?

    Application still not complete.

    This thread is more for my peace of mind. I currently have everything completed with my application on my end except for the CFA, as I want to get the best score possible. However, my Letters of evaluation from my Commander, Supervisor, and Officer are still in the works. My CC's secretary...
  2. Nebulalabai?

    CCAF Credits

    I have 19 credits from tech school that's used towards my CCAF, and I often forget that it is considered the same as enrolling in a college, so I left it off of my application portal. My question is for the supplemental documents. Should I send in my CCAF transcript with my other college...
  3. 2

    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    This thread is for prior enlisted Airman to discuss and answer questions for applying to USAFA's class of 2024.
  4. C

    LEAD Program C/O 2024 Thread

    Here is a thread for the Enlisted Airmen who are applying for USAFA or USAFPS and entering 2020. Using this thread, we can help each other out with questions, issues, and other knowledge. Resources CAO 25MAY2019: USAFA LEAD Page LEAD Handbook AF Form 1786 (Nomination) Instructions to...
  5. D

    LEAD Program C/O 2023 Thread

    Here is a thread for the Enlisted Airmen who are applying for USAFA or USAFPS and entering 2019. Using this thread, we can help each other out with questions, issues, and other knowledge.
  6. S


    Hi! My name is Shahmir, and I am a future MAVNI enlistee (By the way, I know that MAVNI is currently postponed however I already have a contract I just have to complete my SSBI and then I am off to BCT). I was wondering if I could go from MAVNI to USAFA through the LEAD program given that I...
  7. America Works

    Airman applying to the USAFA

    Hello, I am AmWorks [house of cards reference], and I am enlisted active duty in the USAF. I am applying to the Air Force Academy through the LEAD program. I have already started my application for class of 2022, and I have started pursuing several nominations. I hope to have my application...
  8. J

    Lead Program Advice

    I am currently enlisted in the Air Force and would like to attend the Air Force Academy. I arrived at my first duty station 2 months ago and I plan on submitting my lead packet within 6 months. I'm wondering whether the lead program is realistic for me and what I can do to improve my chances of...
  9. K

    Current Enlisted Airman--LEAD

    Hello All, I am FTA at my base for about 3 months--I heard about the LEAD program from a friend and started doing some research; after a few weeks of pondering whether or not I wanted to apply, I decided to do it! The major thing holding me back is my academic profile...My SAT scores are pretty...
  10. G

    Questions Prior E's

    So, I head out to BMT on September 13. After BMT I plan on preparing myself to be a competitive LEAD applicant. In high school, I was an exchange student for a year, which caused my GPA to drop. I graduated with a 3.3. I did a year of college before enlisting and ended with a 2.6. How can I...
  11. G

    LEAD applicant

    Hey, guys! I'm currently an enlisted DEPer. I was recently told about the LEAD program that allows enlisted airmen to apply for an appointment to the Academy/Prep School. Prior to enlisting, I was a college student. However, I had a time-consuming job and didn't take school too seriously, so my...
  12. M

    Prior Enlisted - Moving Out

    Hey to all the prior enlisted out there that are already in or are class of 2020 I was wondering what you did with all your stuff from your previous base. I have a bunch clothes and just general stuff that I don't really want to get rid of but I live across the country from where I am currently...
  13. V

    LEAD Program Questions and Advice

    Hello, I'll be enlisting some time within the next two months, and ultimately have an ambition to attend the Air Force Academy through the LEAD Program. I have some general questions, but would also GLADLY take any advice from anyone with knowledge and experience with the program. -Air Force...