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    Does anyone know what regiment leadership opportunities are available and which are most coveted at KP?

    My D/S tells me the plebes can only be plebe reps? What do they do, and how are they selected? Also is a "rifle leader" or any other title something to aspire to in plebe year?

    My D/S is also under the impression that the CTO (Company Training Officer) is given to someone more as a disciplinary thing than as a reward? He thinks that is something he would never want, because the scuttlebutt is his current CTO is being punished and not there by choice?

    What is the hierarchy of leadereship positions in the regiment and how are the individuals selected?

    Thanks for any information you might have.
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    Will be tough to accurately describe the opportunities; however, for the most part the point of plebe year is to learn how to follow, not to worry about leadership positions. Sure there are a few within the class that could be considered leadership positions, but are things like "class rep" class president, etc.

    Rifle leader, etc don't really matter and aren't really positions to which one "leads" but rather gets told what to do by someone else and does it.

    Now, 3rd class year you start being a "Team Leader" and take care of a small group of plebes. 2nd class year you can be a petty officer for a midshipman officer, and 1st class year is where the midshipmen officer billets come into play.

    The heirarchy of jobs is as follows:
    Regimental X > Battalion X > Company X > Platoon X
    This is in general, there are some "staff" positions like logistics, alumni rep, etc that don't work with the above equation, but this gives an overview.

    The midshipmen officer billets are assigned through numerous ways, some are more coveted than others and this can change, but in general stays about the same. The higher positions usually involve selection boards. I've rarely heard someone say they "want" to be a CTO. It's a ton of work, you have to be a "bad guy", and it's one of those positions you can get yourself into trouble pretty quickly. With that being said someone has to do the job, so sometimes someone who has no desire to do it ends up with it. Sometimes the Company Officers feel it will be a way to get a certain midshipmen to blossom as a leader by putting them in a stressful positions. Sometimes it backfires.

    As a plebe all one should worry about is doing whatever they are supposed to do, but ultimately academic worries are first. Don't worry about trying to lead or being a leader or whatever, that's not what plebe year is for. This is your chance to see a huge array of leadership styles. Pick from the best and learn from the worst. Take the lessons learned and apply them starting 3rd class year.

    Oh almost forgot: other leadership positions abound on campus: athletic team captain, waterfront captain, club presidents, etc etc. It's not only the regiment you learn from.
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    Specifically regarding CTOs... absolutely NOT.
    I have know some absolutely great, dedicated CTOs ever since DS was a plebe.
    Although specifically that year, I would not categorize him as a cuddly type :rolleyes:

    He will learn accurately enough over time which positions are interesting to him.
    For now, attack plebe academics and PKTs.
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    Well said Zonker as a plebe concentrate on the academics ( remember 4 years in 3) it is very hard to come back GPA wise from a C.
    When the academics are in place the leadership opportunities will become clear.
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    North Folk, I'd advise that there is much sage advice between KP alumni & veteran parents here. It sometimes may seem that we ask new parents to just follow along blindly, as the bystanders we are, but I beg you to keep the advice close at hand for later when it will make more sense. That said, let me add my thoughts. I can only comment from the handful of Mids I was close to. It seemed they learned from time as they went along. To a Plebe, one might view the position of CTO as disciplinary. To a Company Commander assigning it, the position had a different meaning altogether. Its a huge learning curve from 4/c to 1/c. They will have many goals & ambitions the first year as they learn their way. Then they settle in. Then they go to sea. Its a broad imagining of where they "think" they might want to end up & where they in realty "do". Things change from day to day even as you're buying graduation tickets. Its a big sweat all the way, in other words.... :biggrin:

    That phrase from KP2001 stands out. A few newly minted LTs said often that they knew who they did not want to be like (leadership styles). They were taught well in some opinions, mainly my own - which is worth what ya paid for it.
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    hmmmm guess I posted my CAO on the wrong forum.....

    All plebes should get to know their CAO (Company Academic Officer). There is a RAO (Regimental Academic Officer). Your Plebe should know the name and location of their CAO, as academics seem to be the biggest plebe killer at KP (not just plebes, but upper class Mids as well) this is one officer you should know. They will find you tutor help, and direct you accordingly. But remember, these CAO's and RAO are 1st Class Mids with a heavy workload so they may not be available all the time and may have a schedule for your student to follow, but, by all means, go to them if there is any,,,,i repeat, any academic worries!

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