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Oct 12, 2008
I know a lot of people are wondering about admissions boards and all that
But i know for sure LOA's have begun to go out.
i got one!:biggrin:
yeah, im pretty pumped
it was dated October 6th, and i recieved it the ninth
any one else hear from them?
and good luck.
Congrats to you. Now all you have to do is to get the nomination. FWIW; having an LOA makes getting the nomination a lot easier. Congressmen/senators like knowing that those they nominate will get accepted. They hate nominating and the person doesn't get selected. Plus, with you having an LOA; that means you don't have to worry about being in the top 2 slots of your reps magic list of 10. You just have to be on the list "SOME PLACE". So that also make the congessman/senator happy because they can place you at #3-#10 and they can get you plus someone in the #1 or #2 selected. Basically, you become an extra pick for their district/state. Congrats again. It's a tough process, but it's well worth it. My son is a 2012 cadet and half way through his 1st semester. He told me that he has no regrets for accepting the air force academy and turning down numerous scholarships to other schools. It can be a PITA at times, but still well worth it. Keep your grades up; stay out of trouble; impress your nomination interviews; and enjoy your senior year of high school. later.... mike.....

im just trying to figure out how i can prepare myself for the BCT
im starting to work out, and im still in decent shape from working out for the CFA, but i definetly want to be at my peak for BCT
i cant wait
8 months
Slow down buddy... you still need that nomination.

Me being bitter again for not getting a LOA.
Almost impossbile not to get a nom with an LOA since the appointment of someone with an LOA wouldn't go against that MOCs nomination limit. :)
congrats bud on the loa, i don't have to tell you what kind of an honor that is

i also have to say that having an loa is pretty cool all until you get to the academy where nobody wants to know- don't get me wrong i'm not hating on your success or anything, you deserve that loa, but remember that most kids coming into 13' aren't going to have gotten one and you don't want to make a name of yourself with your exception. on my west point recruiting trip the guys told lots of stories of kids who made names for themselves by taking things a little too far. it's all about keeping things in perspective. i know what it's like to receive an loa, its an amazing feeling and the feeling isn't going to go away anytime soon. but where as you have a spot at the academy right now, there are going to be plenty of kids who are going to go through months of sweat blood and tears to hear much later, and it may never even happen. but once they do get in, loa or not, it doesn't matter anymore, your airforce 2013. be proud of that
also i think its worth noting earlier posts to add that ppl without loas are really frustrated when they check their mailbox everyday in dissapointment. but if they really are deserving candidates then they're going to be the same ones throwing their hats in the air with you on graduation day, and loas will certainly not matter anymore

but like i said before, good luck with everything, you deserve it
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i didn't mean anything with you involving luck, futbol dude. you have worked hard and earned this honor. congratulations, dude.
Don't over do your workouts. One mom says it the best as soon as you get your appt, get wrapped in bubble wrap. You don't want to injure yourself because than you might be mdically turned back...there are several every yr that get injured and then dqd. One kid twisted his ankle getting off the bus at I-day and was turned back there and then.

I know you are excited, but running a marathon and getting shin splints will do more damage than just continuing to exercise.
well, you have a little bit of time to be dangerous and stuff! It's 8 months away! I got a concussion in March, while ditching school, snowboarding!!! so you can still live life, just don't break anything serious!
yeah, im definetly staying grounded, harrison.
in fact, my girlfriend is applying to, and hasnt heard yet, so i know, although not as well as some, how hard it can be to wait for something like this
and as far as getting hurt goes, im doing my best.
but im not expecting to be bubble-boy whos staying inside 24 hours a day
im just exercising a bit of judgement
good luck to everyone, and im pulling for u guys
Are LOA's only administered during the first review board or is it an ongoing process? (forms took longer than expected to process)
Lot of good advice here. There are some things to realize.

1st; while there are only about 100-150 who will get an LOA, there's also a select few that will actually get appointment in the next couple of weeks. There were quite a few in the class of 2011 and 2012 to have actual appointments.

2nd; The most important thing to realize is that EVERYONE who makes it to the air force academy and accepts it was an exceptional and outstanding student/kid/athlete/etc... in school. Definitely be excited, but realize that when you walk into arnold hall on inprocessing day, that you AREN'T any more special than anyone else walking in that door. Those standing next to you ALSO had 3.8-4.0 gpa's; 2000+ SAT, etc... They were all state athletes and so on. The biggest mistake many new cadets make is making TOO MUCH of "Military related" high school activities. Trust me when I say; No one wants to hear that you did JrROTC or Civil Air Patrol. Basically; remain humble. You have been accepted to an IVY LEAGUE school. Be excited, but realize that if this was Harvard or Yale, every other person going there is ALSO exceptional just like you.

3rd; Finally, realize and trust me when I say that LIFE IS SHORT!!! There isn't one person on the planet that can guarantee tomorrow for you. As such, don't wrap yourself in "Bubble Wrap" or even have that mentality. Going to the Air Force Academy should NOT BE YOUR GOAL IN LIFE. The academy should be a MEANS of reaching and fulfilling your goals in life. That doesn't mean be stupid and do stupid things that will push your luck at getting hurt or getting in trouble. It mean; ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Enjoy your senior year. You WILL MISS IT. Do ALL the things you can. Do all the things you never thought you would like. Go to homecoming. Go to the prom. If you don't have a girl friend or boy friend, this is the PERFECT opportunity to invite that really nice, funny, and popular girl/boy that NOBODY ever asks to go to a dance. Don't worry what others might think. YOU ARE GOING TO THE AIR FORCE ACADEMY!!!! SCREW THEM!!! Be the great, excellent, fantastic person that everyone knows and what got you accepted. Go to EVERY school function that is left for the year. Sporting events. School plays.

Keep a nice "$h*t Eating" GRIN on your face. Be excited. Solidify all your existing friendships. Make friends with the rest of your class. At least just remain positive, polite, considerate, friendly, etc... with everyone you meet at school. Remember; be humble. There are a lot of your classmates who will not even be going to college or junior college. Many will be working at the "Mini-Mart", Kmart, lawn service, etc... Appreciate the opportunity you have in front of you. It is something that NO ONE can even imagine unless they've been there. Not even parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, etc... They may understand some, but not really what you've been given. Even you won't be able to appreciate it all until later on when you look back in retrospect. Most of all; make the best out of your senior year in high school. And I wasn't kidding about asking that girl or guy to homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Prom, etc... Imagine SHARING your excitement of your senior year with someone else who can ALSO have a great finish to THEIR senior year. Trust me; GOOD FORTUNE tastes so much better when you can SHARE it. Have a great senior year. God bless you and thanks to all those who have applied and are willing to serve our great country. later.... mike....
Are LOA's only administered during the first review board or is it an ongoing process? (forms took longer than expected to process)

LOA's can be sent after whichever board results in the granting of them. Updated files can go before the board again, sometimes resulting in an LOA. If you have updated awards/activities etc you should update your file because this can result in an increased whole candidate score, and possibly an LOA. I suggest you keep updating your file every time you have new material to be included (of merit). Your score will increase and you'll be in front of the board again, and again ... until you get an accepted (hopefully!). If you have nothing of merit to update your file with, go earn something, win something or do something of merit and then update your file .... :smile:
I think Christcorp really puts things into perspective. I know I want my senior year to be the greatest in of my high school years. I've been think about quitting my part-time job so I can enjoy the rest of my high school life. I don't really need the money.