LOA no interview is that common?


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Our DS has an LOA to USMA and received an email from his MOC stating "They have selected around 35 candidates to interview for each of the Academies. You were not selected in the initial selection process." Yes we notified them about the LOA when he first received it. We were under the impression they would nominate the best prospects based on being accepted by the SA. We thought having an LOA was a good sign for at least an interview. Could there be more than 35 LOAs a head of him for a state like North Carolina?


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Does your MOC coordinate with the Senators so that there is no duplication of noms? Maybe they know one of the senators is already going to nominate your DS?


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Every year there are folks who have LOAs but fail to get a nomination. So this is not unheard of. Be sure to apply for the VP nom. It may be what gets your DS admitted.