LOA received two weeks after LOE

Goat 965

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Sep 12, 2017
My DD received an LOE and then today, received an LOA. Unfortunately, she mailed her nomination packet to our Congressman on Thursday and included the LOE..........Should she send the LOA also? She seems to think that she should wait and see if she gets an interview, and then tell the person who calls her about the LOA.

What is the best way to let the Congressman know about the LOA?
DD can call staffer who handles these, and ask for best way to update her package with LOA. Staffer, impressed by polite and articulate DD, offers to place a scanned copy in her package. Lean in.
Agree with the Captain. You definitely want to get the LOA on the record for the nom. The LOE is actually pretty meaningless.
When my DS contacted MoC to inform about LOA, he was told they were already aware of it. Of course, they may not do that so you are correct in informing them...just saying...they want to nominate students w/ LOA's: they want as many from their slate to be accepted as possible.
Does anyone know how often LOE's turn into appointments? How competitive are you really if you receive an LOE, as long as you meet all the requirements and receive a nomination? Thanks
LOEs are not too significant. Many promising candidates receive LOEs who do not receive appointments via LOA or not. An LOE is simply encourging one to complete one's application.