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Jul 17, 2008
Hello Everyone,

I am a candidate for the class of 2013 and after a long wait my LOA from Airforce came today. Now for the hard part of making choices. My LOAs from Navy, Airforce, and Army are contingent only upon nominations which will be finalized early next month. Thank you for all of your help and advice.


just wondering-when was your application totally complete?
my application was complete 10/1/08 and yes my first choice is navy :wink:
Right on Bobcatmatt! i've got my Navy LOA, too... it's my first choice as well. but you're in an awesome position, so many oppurtunities and open doors to take advantage of! pretty cool

and bigcox, are you by chance a coxswain...?
absolutely not...read my bio thingie cuz that's my last name you're chuckling about, pal... jk :shake:
Bigcox, how did your interview with Senator Hagel's staff go? I think I did pretty well.
i felt ok. i think the interview at Rep. Fortenberry's office was better. oh well. we'll see how it washes out.
Congratulations and good luck choosing between such great academies! Keep us updated!
my LOA came in the mail today...one of the best days of my life so far:biggrin:
btown...if you don't mind me asking...but when was your file offically complete?
i believe it was finished right around october 12th or 13th. so they're looking at apps about two weeks old.
absolutely not...read my bio thingie cuz that's my last name you're chuckling about, pal... jk :shake:

BigCox, sorry haha. I didn't mean anything by the question... I'm a rower, and the person who steers the shell is called a coxswain... we normally just shorten it to cox. thought you might be a fellow rower! But anyway good luck with your app!
btown & bobcat! Congrats!! Exciting times ahead. Keep us informed on your progress. Especially how your spending your time until its time to pack up & head out for the Academy.