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Jan 14, 2009
just a question about the loa. i got one back in december it was dated the 16th and i have the nomination and everything so when do you think i'll hear anything back
Usually you will see a change in about two weeks from the date that your nomination (or whatever you needed) was posted to your application package in the sysytem. The letter will follow that.

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Congrats!! :thumb:

That must feel great....now just wait till you hear back from them.
First of all, Congratulations on the Nom and loa!

For Air Force, the appointment letter came exactly 3 weeks after I got the nom-loa pair, but Navy has been pretty backed up with the nominations. Our Senator (now Sec of Interior) Salazar gave his out in late november, but it didn't register with USNA until last thursday. I wouldn't worry about it too much though. You know it's coming sooner or later.
It seems to take forever, but it will happen. My son got an USNA LOA in early October, got his nomination on Dec 14th, his status changed on Jan 9th - appointment - and he just got the appointment package in the US mail today, January 20th. He is a very happy boy! I hope that everyone out there will hear some terrific news very soon!:thumb:
NavySupporter - Did your son have an Medical issues to get cleared?