M.O. PFT retake?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by pilot2b, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Ok. I took my Marine Option NROTC pft today and did my first officer interview. I scored a 267 on the pft (16 chinups, 88 situps, 18:50 3 mile run).

    Though I was disappointed with my pft score, the interview went great. The officer in charge told me I did really well, and he wants me to come back in about 6 weeks to retake the pft (which should be still in time to use the new pft scores for the 1st board).

    My question: is it common for applicants to be asked that, or is that a sign (good or bad)?

    Also, the officer said after the pft that the average score for applicants was a 234. The lowest I've heard of receiving a scholarship was in the 250's. What is the average pft score to receive a scholarship?
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    I can't answer your other question about the average PFT score, I can't even say if its a sign, good or bad, although my own suspicion would be good. I can say I know quite a few folks take the PFT a second time. In any case it can't hurt. Your run time was good IMHO. Of course the place to score, as you well know, is on the pullups. Good Luck! :thumb:
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    ^ agreed, good sign. Work your arse off over the next five weeks, doing the specific measured PFT exercises every other day, and doing light weight lifting on the off days.

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