Marine Option and Aviation


Aug 22, 2015
Hello, I just had a quick question. Does NROTC Marine Option offer the same aviation contract that PLC does to college students? I have heard both that it does and that it does not. I would love any job in the Marine Corps but I have heard that since aviation will most likely be my top choice and always has been my top choice, that there is a high likelihood that I will receive aviation. For the application I also filled out an "aviation intent" form since my recruiters know that being a pilot in the Marines is my top choice.
If trends hold true as they do right now aviation isn't an issue if you can pass a flight physical and the ASVAB. You can contract aviation pretty quickly (around sophomore year) from what I have gathered. Sampia or someone with kids who just commissioned or in the pipeline might have some more up to date info. My info came from a friend who is a current MOI.
If you're a marine option and you want aviation, assuming you have qualifying ASTB scores and can pass a flight physical, you're golden. The USMC is hurting for NROTC graduate aviators. You can get a flight contract starting sophomore year.
My son was basically "voluntold" to try for an aviation contract during his sophomore year. With scheduling conflicts and all, he was awarded it during the first semester of his junior year.
The year group I was commissioned with it was easier to get an aviation than ground contract. We had quite a few drop their aviation contracts at TBS. Most of these guys were PLC. Not sure if they can still do that or that.
To do ROTC with the hopes of pursuing marine aviation, does one need to have a specific major in pursuing the degree?
+1 to NavyHoops. The Corps will teach you everything you need to know to fly.