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    Hey all, I have been getting inboxes for more questions on Marine Corps PLC, I don't think what I wrote in the previous thread was enough so I will write more.

    1. Use your personal hygiene time to study and prepare for the next day, if you get the full amount of sleep then you won't be prepared I can almost guarantee you.
    2.Peer evaluations are big, try your best to be a good leader but don't be too cocky.
    3. Arrive there in shape, when I was there, nearly all the candidates ran below 20 for the three miles.
    4. Pt isn't necessarily everyday but your day always starts around 0400, so for me now, waking up 0500 is nothing for me.
    5. There may be Royal Marine instructors there too, I believe that the Us Marines and the Royal Marines have an exchange program and if you see them there, these guys will pt the crap out of you!!
    6.Academics were easy, don't worry to much about them just study the handbook and pay attention.
    7.Drill and ceremony at PLC is strict, you will take turns leading your platoon in DNC and if you mess up, the SIs show no mercy!
    8. Eating at PLC was either going to chow hall or MREs, chow hall food is ok but don't expect to eat like your at some buffet. Expect to eat in a controlled environment.
    9. You will do some long runs at PLC in utilities or in pt uniform, be aware, these long runs go from 3-5 miles and you run at a 6:30 to 7:00 pace, if you fall behind that will not look good on you!
    10. The fastest guy there ran a 14:42 three mile, he was the SI.
    11. When you get liberty, don't spoil yourself with fast-food or a buffet, it will hit you back! Use your liberty time to recover and stretch.
    12. Work under pressure will happen all the time, you will have to issue a five paragraph order fast and efficiently, make sure you stay relaxed when doing so.
    13. Know how to sing the Marine Corps song!! You will have this song written on your brain when you leave, Especially, From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli!!
    Please send me a message if you need more advice!
    Make friends with the Navy Corpsmen there, those guys were cool and shared some pretty sick stories.
    Semper Fi!!
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    True, cool and humble.
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    Angus - Nice of you to send further details and volunteer to field questions.

    Regarding #2: Peer reviews are just as much about being a good follower as they are being a good leader. Give a guy your best when following; slacking off comes back to haunt you when you get into the leader role.

    Regarding #13: I was going to call you out on the "Marine Corps Hymn" but I guess someone already has.

    Navy Corpsmen are the best!
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    I can do all three verses as long as lots of others are singing, and we've been drinking.

    Another peeve of mine is when a fallen Marine is said to now be guarding Heaven's gate.
    "If the Army and the Navy
    Ever look on Heaven's scenes,
    They will find the streets are guarded
    By United States Marines."
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