Medical Exam Too Late?


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Dec 13, 2016
I never received the email from DoDMERB to schedule my appointments, so I proceeded on my own last week. My optometrist exam is scheduled for 12/14 and my medical exam is scheduled for 12/19.

I just read online that it takes about a month to process the exams. Since the deadline for USNA applications is 1/1, does this mean that I scheduled my exams too late to be eligible to compete in admissions? I currently have a Senator's nomination and am really stressed that I went through the entire process for nothing, especially because the Naval Academy is my dream school!
The USNA admissions deadline is 31 January. Where did you get 1 January?
Oh, goodness. My apologies, I must have gotten the deadline confused with other schools that have a January 1st Regular Decision deadline. Thank you for relieving my stress, though!
You are so welcome Little Bird. Best wishes with your application. Best wishes on your DODMERB and with your senior year.
Littlebird, do you mean you are scheduling your exams on your own(your own doctors)? I asked if Dodmerb could take the results of my son's annual eye and physical that he had already taken recently and they said No, it had to be with their contracted providers.
Scheduling your own medical exam is a waste of time and money. Yours. The DODMERB "invitation" is typically sent after you've submitted 50% of your application package. If you have achieved that status for more than a few weeks and haven't heard from DODMERB, contact your RD.
Well-spotted USNA1985. Littlebird, you need the invite from USNA. It will appear on your application summary page/portal. It appears when you have submitted most of your application--particularly the application with the essays, SAT and transcripts. They want to make sure you are a serious candidate before investing in a physical for you. It is minor change on the tracking page--and it takes you to a link to a DODMETS page on which you can register and schedule your exams (which are available right away and will cost you nothing.) If you think your application is complete except for the DODMERB (and maybe one other item like the CFA or BGO interview) send an email tonight to your admissions counselor and to your BGO and then CALL your admissions counselor tomorrow. Maybe something wonky happened in the system.