1. B

    Self harm scars, physician letter help

    I have self harm scars on one forearm and one thigh from 8+ years ago. It's obvious what it is so I'm being honest and up front about it. My recruiter said I need to get a medical clearance letter from a psychologist to submit with my medical. I've found a doctor that is willing to help me, but...
  2. R

    Recruiting problem

    I am trying to enlist in the US Army. My recruiter had submitted waivers for some surgeries I had when I was younger. They got approved but he "forgot" to put in a Med form for a hernia I had repaired. I asked if he could add it and he told me that I could only submit one waiver and I was just...
  3. P

    Can an applicant be accepted Early Action while waiting on a medical waiver?

    My daughter has submitted her portion of her USCGA application for Early Action. She is going in for her medical test tomorrow. We think there is a chance that due to a childhood medical condition (which was corrected and is no longer an issue or any kind of restriction) that she might initially...
  4. S

    I still haven't received an email from DodMerb

    I emailed by BGO and he told me that I have finished 2/3s of the application and he said I should receive the DodMerb application soon. This was two weeks ago and I still have not recieve any such email, how much longer should I wait?
  5. A

    Worried about DoDMERB process

    Long story short, while I was enlisted I had a small hernia from working out. I went to the ER and they ran scans on it as a precaution. Coincidentally they found a cyst on my liver and pancreas through the scans. After many exams and organ function tests, I checked out 100%. The cysts were...
  6. kpdadwannabe

    KP granted medical waiver, hold status now... but for how long?

    Two weeks ago, USMMA granted my daughter a medical waiver and her application status has been saying "hold" since then. When will we know if she will be receiving an appointment/getting rejected? If KP granted the medical waiver does this mean she's certain to get an appointment? New to this...
  7. A

    Army Medical Corps Social Worker

    I live in Illinois and am looking into joining the army reserves medical corps as a social worker. I am prior Navy and have active and reserve time in the navy prior to becoming a social worker. I meet all qualifications for becoming an officer in the army reserves medical corps. I want to find...
  8. R

    Is this going to be a problem?

    Note: I've already been through the medical process and was cleared. Ok I'm going to be a bit more detailed after my doctors appointment today. I got an x-ray on my ribs today because I may have pectus carinatum but the DoD states this: i. Current chest wall malformation, including but not...
  9. C

    Medically Disqualified?

    Hello everyone, I was recently medically disqualified due to old eczema issues that haven't affected me for over 6 years. I was wondering what my next step would be, do I have to request a waiver or contact USMA? Thank you for any help.
  10. W

    Disqualified for things I don't have?

    I was medically DQ'ed by DoDMERB early on the application process. It was really frustrating because everything that they claimed I had, I didn't. When I was in my physical exam I even stated that I did not have these medical issues. Thankfully I was able to get a waiver to USAFA and I'm fairly...
  11. C

    Dodmerb not working? - A Great way to check.

    Found this website that checks if Dodmerb site is working. If you CLICK REPORT button, others can see that the site is down.
  12. PapaMedic

    Wisdom Teeth Wisdom?

    Can anyone shed light on the need to have wisdom teeth removed prior to reporting for I-day or NRTOC? My nephew who is an active duty submariner advised having my DD's wisdom teeth removed even if they were not giving her any problems, because several of his buddies were "told" that the Navy...
  13. S

    AMI R251.12 & R251.13

    My son received this letter (below) today, should we be concerned? R251.12 --- DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: Please provide additional information regarding patella dislocation , on the ATHLETICS/RECREATIONAL PARTICIPATION QUESTIONNAIRE at this link...
  14. A


    Hey, USMA 2023 candidate here. I received my LOA about 3 weeks ago! I’m a recruited athlete, passed my CFA, received a congressional nomination, but i’ve been DQ for asthma:( My asthma isn’t really a problem. It’s not exercise induced, it doesn’t usually act up but sometimes it does from...
  15. C

    Alcohol Consumption - Hospitlization (Want to join ROTC)

    Hi everyone, About a year ago, when I was 19, I had gone to a formal event and had never drank before and did not plan on it. I honestly do not even remember consuming any alcohol, but ended up very intoxicated. I requested my friend to get me a ride home since I knew I did not feel right - and...
  16. J

    Want to join ROTC as a Sophomore

    Hi everyone, I would like to join ROTC as a sophomore. I was wondering how the process goes compared to MEPS. Is a Med Read done first or the actual physical? How would I qualify for a scholarship? Some more personal info: I have a history of scoliosis - no longer have it. Unfortunately, got a...
  17. S

    Tough Position (LOA received but medical issues)

    Hi, I have received an LOA last week for USNA. The only issue is that I might have compartment syndrome in my legs, and if so, I would need surgery for them down the line. The issue is that I really want to go to the academy but I don't want something like this stopping my dream as a whole...
  18. I

    DODMERB eye test

    Hi, I just had a quick question. Are you not allowed to wear contacts to your eye exam? I heard that you were supposed to not have contacts in for 2 or 3 days before the test, or they do not administer it. Is this true? Thank you.
  19. jcgc745

    AROTC Waiver for ADHD and Adjustment Disorder?

    This is what it states so far: 28-Jun-18 Application Status Change Date 28-Jun-18 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system 28-Jun-18 Application Added 12-Jul-18 Actual date of exam 20-Aug-18 Date exam received at DoDMERB 20-Aug-18 Medical data entry 23-Aug-18 Date letter sent - Remedial(s)...
  20. A

    Re-Applicant Process DODMERB

    Good evening, I haven’t been able to find any information on this in the forum or anywhere, so I am posting here. I am currently a reapplicant to USNA. Will DODMERB re-use any of the information I put on my past DODMERB Questionnaire? Or will I have to fill out new forms, and they’ll only look...