1. G

    Medication Follow-up question blank screen DODMETS

    Hello everyone, I am filling out my questionnaire, and I have completed every section except for the follow-up question for the Medications. When I navigate to that section, it gives me a blank screen, preventing me from filling it out and completing my questionnaire. I have tried opening...
  2. D

    DoDMERB Help - AFROTC - Medication

    I wanted to ask if it would be worth joining AFROTC. I am getting off of my small dosage of prozac in roughly a week. Last year I had to deal with some life issues and was prescribed the antidepressant for some anxiety. I was wondering what circumstances this would be waiverable in, if possible...
  3. G

    DODMERB Additional Medical Information

    Received an email from a USMMA admissions officer requesting additional medical information. I’m not sure if there are forms I need to fill out or if these are like paragraph numbers (like “pursuant to/in accordance with document R paragraph 251 sentence 22”?) Thanks for your help! Here’s the...
  4. C

    NSI Medical

    I have recently received the MO scholarship and have been trying to gather all of my medical paperwork together for NSI. The one thing I am struggling with is my sickle cell trait test. The hospital where I was born did not test me for it, and the places I have asked to test me for it say it...
  5. B

    Medical Disqualification Inquiry

    Hello. I am a class of 2023 high school student who’s started the process of applying to US Service academies and ROTC scholarships. Before I begin the applications however, I had a question about a possible medical disqualification. Is Genu Varuna considered a condition that disqualifies an...
  6. F

    Fleet Applicant Medical

    This might be a dumb question but for a fleet applicant, can i go to my local military facility and do the officer commissioning medical exam and have that sent in or do i have to go to the civilian doctor that dod sends me ? Thank you.
  7. L

    Can I get into the Naval Academy if I have Visual Snow Syndrome?

    Please if someone knows let me know it’s very important to me.
  8. H

    Forgot to tell DODMERB about surgeries.... now accepted to West Point

    I did not tell DODMERB I had surgery to get my deviated septum fixed and wisdom teeth removed. I just received an appointment to West Point should I inform DODMERB about this now? Or is this not a big deal?
  9. I

    DQ Timeline

    hey everyone, I am 2Q’d with two nominations (senator and congressman). I was medically DQ’d on 12/7 for using QVAR (asthma meds) in March of 2021. I had already seen a pulmonologist to clear my asthma for USMA. The pulmonologist wrote a letter for me. USMA requested a waiver of 12/13, I...
  10. S

    How long for USMA to receive DoDMERB results?

    I took my physical exam and optometrist exams in early December and found out yesterday that I am DoDMERB qualified. I am now 3Q'd and have both a senator and congressional nomination. On my USMA portal I now have all green checks but my medical still says "Scheduled in Contact Area". It's my...
  11. U

    Breast Reduction

    I am at the academy and was wondering if any one has gotten a breast reduction surgery while they were in school. I also want to know if that was covered by insurance and how you even go about starting the process? What is the process as well? Thanks
  12. FØB Zero

    Braces in AROTC?

    Hi, I will be doing AROTC (on 4 yr scholarship) in the fall. I plan to get braces and was wondering if and when I would be able to… I would have them only for about 12 months, but don’t want to held back from training and summer opportunities. Opinions??
  13. J

    Offers of Appointment and Medical

    I'm applying to USAFA and completed my application in early December but my med status is still not determined. I submitted my final remedial recently and it's under review by DoDMERB. I inquired to my admissions team about whether this would affect my application when it is reviewed and...
  14. E

    Naval Academy Football Recruit - likelihood of medical waiver approval?

    Hi there. New to this, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience or advice that might help. My son was lucky enough to receive an offer to play football for the Naval Academy, although it came very late this year. He had several other D1 offers, including Ivy league offers. Navy is...
  15. B

    Remedial Request

    I recently was alerted that I had a remedial Request. They just want some documentation for a hospital visit. This wasnt a serious visit and I won't be disqualified for the details that arise from this. Does this mean that aside from the extra documentation, I am largely qualified?
  16. S

    NROTC-MO Medical Requirements

    Hey! I can't remember if I found the answer somewhere, and when I tried doing some research and couldn't find the answer either. For NROTC-MO, does color vision matter? I know for USNA could go MO if you are color deficient, and for regular NROTC they almost never hand out color vision waivers...
  17. D

    Air Force Pilot Vision Requirements

    Hi All, I've been doing some research on the USAF FC1 Refraction requirements for eyesight. My prescription is as follows Right Eye: Sphere: -4.75 Cylinder: -1.00 Axis: 015 Left Eye: Sphere: -5.25 Cylinder: -1.00 Axis: 163 I’m trying to figure out if I will need to get LASIK or PRK in order...
  18. V

    Medical Waiver Question (Retained Hardware)

    Hello all, So obviously I know you all don’t have the whole picture of the situation, but I’ll try to detail it as best as I can. I’m in NROTC, about to commission at the end of the year. I’ve already had one DODMERB physical and been in perfect health. But this summer, I broke my arm...
  19. A

    Do you need several forms/medical exams when you apply to several service academies?

    I know that completing a medical exam is a requirement for attending a service academy. Do you need to complete several forms and have several exams done for each Service Academy, or could you just use one form for all?
  20. T

    Eyesight requirements for all academies?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there's a limit to how bad your eyes can be, or if they just have to be correctable to 20/20. My current prescription is -8.00 in my left eye and -7.75 in my right eye, however they are both corrected to 20/20 with glasses with slight astigmatism in both. Based on...