Medical TurnBack (Going back Next June) and FAFSA


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Oct 4, 2016
Greetings all,

My DD has had a medical turnback for this year due to injury. The school recommended that she take some classes at college this year during her re-hab, which she has signed up for.

The question I have to some of you who might have been through this, I was told last night, that She should file her own FAFSA form (without our income) as she has been on Active Duty and is still considered on Active duty this year but without pay.

This of course would help her incredibly for Grants etc, and probably would not have to take any loans out for this 1 year. I realize I can't claim her on Taxes etc, so that isn't an issue. We of course were ready to bite the bullet and pay out of pocket, but this would help incredibly if true.

Anyone have experience with this?


I think she should seek the advice of a tax advisor but the way I understand the rules in regards to dependents is that they must live with you for half the year and you must provide more than half the support they receive.

If she is not getting paid by the service, then she would most likely fall as your dependent.
Agree with @USMA 1994 regarding seeking advice from a tax pro.

Typically it is difficult to claim independence with regard to financial aid qualification, when a student is under the age of 24. However there are exceptions. Undergraduate students who are under age 24 as of December 31 of the financial award year are considered to be dependent for federal student aid purposes unless they are:
  • married,
  • have dependents other than a spouse,
  • are an orphan, are a veteran
  • or active duty member of the US Armed Forces or satisfy other very limited criteria.
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From what I understand, the cadet is an emancipated adult and therefore should file their own FAFSA form. That should maximize the assistance will get. As for the rest, I agree, consult a tax professional.
So an update, once she received her first Active Duty Pay check (Which she did), I don't / Can't claim her. Absolutely right. I knew this, the question I had was for the FAFSA. We have confirmed that she does get a new one without out income. (This is a GREAT thing for her!) We have contacted the University here and they are getting in contact with the Academy about classes etc.

I wanted the info, but also wanted something on here a little more current for other Parents to look at.
If any parent has the unfortunate event happen to their Basic Cadet, hit me up in here, can relay what we went through.
I would still review with a tax advisor in terms of your federal income tax. You may be able to still claim her this year as a dependent. The two big rules are lived with you for more than half the year and you provided more than half her support.

I do not remember the exact date for I-Day but R-Day was July 3rd. If she is getting cadet pay for six months and you kick in more than that for tuition she may meet the rules.