Mid-College National Guard SMP/ROTC


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Jun 4, 2018
Hello guys, I just have a quick question. First off, a quick rundown of my current situation. I am currently attending college (Chemical Engineering). I will start my second Junior semester in Fall 2018. After many internships, I realized that chemical engineering is not for me and that I should have changed to Computer/Electrical a long time ago. Since I really don't want the past year and a half to all go down the drain by changing to Electrical, I am looking at declaring a second bachelor's degree which would add around two more years to my current remaining time in college (about a year and a half). The only problem is tuition which so far I have not had to pay any thanks to scholarships which only cover 4 years. I could take up a loan, but joining the National Guard has interested me since back in high school. I've done a fair amount of research about the program such as the requirements, obligations, and how it could affect my civilian engineering job. My question here is what are my options if I choose to proceed by this route? Is SMP a good option since I do want to serve in the national guard, or should I just try to get some scholarship through ROTC (if even possible for my case)? I can go to basic training during summer 2019 and AIT after that if necessary. I don't know if it really matters for my case, but I do have a very competitive GPA (top 5%) and in pretty good physical shape. Out of all my options for paying for college, this one is the one that I like the most and the only one that gets me excited so I really appreciate your responses. Thank you for your time.