Military & Maritime Colleges


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Jun 9, 2006
Ask & ye shall receive: Running list... of Military preparation/focus colleges/institutes (4-year). Please add any ya'll think I've left out.

The Citadel
Maine Maritime Academy
The State University of New York Maritime College
North Georgia College and State University
Norwich University
Texas A&M University
Texas Maritime Academy
Virginia Military Institute
Virginia Tech
Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership at Mary Baldwin College
Massachussetts Maritime Academy
Maritime College, State University of New York
California Maritime Academy
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Service Academy alternatives?

Other Military colleges?

Either one is accurate, I suppose....

There sure are a lot of them! SUNY Maritime was the only one I'd heard of when I was applying, and it was my fallback school. Wow. :eek:
Later tonight I'll put it up. (like midnight or later, just so you know. I like to stay up 'til 4 operating on my baby).

Tentative title:

Service Academy Alternatives: Other Military Colleges
That title sounds a little dimunuitive. Try Public and Privately Funded Military Colleges. I wouldn't stick the Citadel and VMI in the same room... It could get ugly. I was denied admission to VMI for no apparent reason, and I have been told I was on a list of accepted to the Citadel and was automatically denied (don't know if this is accurate), but I gained appointments to USAFA, USNA, and USMA, but no admission to VMI, that doesn't make sense.

Well I guess alternative works in some respect as most people come here for admissions advice and to them they generally start out as alternatives.
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I'm open to changed, I'll thing about it, will probably try your suggestions.

Too many forums is a bad idea. Perhaps I'll make subforums at some point for the "most popular" ones.

However, the general purpose of this site is US service academies, so this will require some thought. I think just one forum is enough.
smart man putting them in alphabetical order, i didn't even know there was a virginia women's
...I was just kidding about separating VMI and the Citadel. Too many will clutter the page, your absolutely right.