MOC Jones - NC


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Jul 2, 2008
Congressman Jones' nominations are posted at his website. Congratulations to all who received one.
WOW, did he not put in full slates?

LY he did not give any noms from Goldsboro, at least 1 got it this year. I only counted 23 in total
I went thru and click on each of these. Some of them received more than one SA nomination.
The one from NC State is a friend of mine and he needed a waiver last year - it come too late. This year everything should be in place for him to attend USNA. That would be great a for me since his mom and I could share a ride when we visit. Our husbands are on a different work schedule.
Congressman Jones was on the phone today calling all his nominations to extend congratulations.... Not only did he talk with each recipient, but also the parents too. It was a nice touch!