Most Trusted Professions

With two sons ADAF, I have had the great opportunity to meet many AF officers and enlisted, too. To a person, every single one has been smart, kind, polite, caring, patriotic, righteous, and strong. Such a clear indication that Americans are the best of the best!

Members of the military rank #3.
Military officers rank #4.

The American public has held our service members in high esteem for years - much to be proud of.

While I have a pretty high level of respect for the very-real professionalism of the US military on the whole, I have known real idiots whom were in positions of responsibility. Not a few were commissioned officers whom I would trust with a butter knife.

I wonder if the results of this survey is just another example of our "Thank you for your service" society. When less than 1% of American adults have served in the armed forces, they have no idea what the military is really like. I wonder if that survey was taken in, say, from 1945-1975 when probably 50% (or more, at times) of American men had military experience if the results would have been the same. i wonder if this survey were given to only active duty veterans if the results would be the same.

Note: My personal opinion is that the US military rebuilt from the ashes of Vietnam, from the 1980s to now, is exemplary. When the US military embarked on (long) wars in Afghanistan and Iraq I wondered if it would break down as it did in the latter years of the Vietnam War. My Lai, officer fraggings, drug abuse, desertions, etc. It didn't - not even close. While there were definite strains, i.e. stop-loss, PTSD, recruitment problems, the US armed forces have come through those wars in far better shape than its predecessors did in 1975 or so.