MS IV keep checking your orders!

I'm certain the orbital sockets will spring a leak[emoji23]

So true.

Just make sure you practice a couple times putting on those shoulder bars, they can be tricky. I though I had it nailed since I had done it with my older son, but try as I might I could not get it to stay on, my wife had no problem with hers. Finally after sweating on stage for a couple minutes the MSGT came over to help, I was vindicated though because he couldn't get it on either, it was one of the lighter moments of the ceremony. After a little re-tailoring they did finally work well. It all made for a great video.
Don't let him forget the silver dollar. Might even bring an extra for the cadet that forgets. A dime is a good tool to adjust the 'hooks' on the shoulder boards.

Glad he got the preferred start date.