my situation


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Aug 23, 2008
currently a junior in highschool and not feeling lucky.

3.5GPA (so far)
recently joined CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
3 year alpine ski racing
3 years water polo (1 JV, 2varsity)
2 years Rugby (club sport)
Academic decathlon
Key club
1 year swim team
AP geo, AP world hist, AP Lang. (passed all tests)
havent taken ACT,SAT tests yet

wondering what my chances are for getting into USAFA, USNA, and USMA.
physically sound, no long term history of medical issues or hinderances. good health all around.
any words of advice & critique much appreciated
Why are you not feeling lucky? Your profile looks just like most of the candidates accepted. Keep doing what your doing. Get good scores on your SAT test. Apply for summer seminar. Enjoy your time in High School.
Your GPA is on the low side of average, your ECs look pretty darn good. Do you have leadership experience?
not quite, thats why i joined CAP. do you have any other suggestions regarding leadership?
Try becoming a class officer, or a team captain in a sport. Or, you could volunteer for something that takes leadership (besides CAP, since you won't really be leading yet).
Some leadership ability as proven at a job might help you too. Youth groups, clubs, etc.... but if you are already a junior, it may look like resume padding at this point.

Still, keep at it. Take a practice SAT or two to give you an indication of where your score might be. That will tell a lot.

Good luck.
From an ALO

Okay...from all you posted, I'd say "on paper" you'd be a potential candidate that I'd like to meet and "chat" with.

That being said, have you spoken with your ALO? Each HS has one assigned. If your counselor doesn't know who the ALO is, drop me a line at: and tell me:

Your High School Name and location (city, state) and I can find out who the AF ALO is. For the Navy Blue-n-Gold officer I would refer you to the USNA admission folks.

The "evaluation" process is very detailed and includes all you've included plus a LOT more. That's where the ALO/BG officer comes into the mix. We can advise, guide, and direct you into areas you might not think of yourself.