Naval Academy Admission Question


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Jan 20, 2009
I plan to apply to the Summer Seminar on the opening day and I am wondering how I compare to previous candidates for both the SS and the academy. My GPA is 3.97 and I am ranked 14/220. I have only taken the SATs once and got a 600 on the math, a 510 on the reading, and a 540 on the writing. I do plan to improve this score quite a bit due to my recent studying. What are some of your scores?

Also, what type of extracurriculars were you involved in? I am in FBLA and have made it to states twice. Also, I am the treasurer of the IT club at my school. I do not hold any class office positions. Also, The only work experience I have is voluteer work, though I plan to get a job within the next month. I have applied to two different governor schools this summer and I am hoping to get in.

How does this compare to candidates and anyone else?


I'm really glad to see you're so interested in this, and you're really taking the initiative here. The fact that you're applying right away shows how much you want it. I'm not sure if you can update your app like the real admissions app, but I don't remember being able to. If not, don't shoot yourself in the foot like I did since most of the good stuff of my high school career came during that spring.

So, the school stuff looks really good. Being so highly ranked with a solid gpa is awesome. Are you taking AP/honors/IB courses? even though they don't count toward the academy they look really good, and will help you test out of stuff later. the SAT scores are ok. We all improve the second time around, so that will be good. I got 710 Math, 720 English, and 650 Writing, and I know those scores really helped me out.

The EC's are good. going to state for FBLA looks really good. What athletics are you in?

About working. I think the volunteer work is going to be a lot better for you and your application. I haven't had a job since summer 07, but I've been super involved in EC's and lacrosse.

I guess the biggest thing I have to say is that if you don't go to NASS, don't give up. Use it as an incentive. You'll probably read a few comments about people hanging their rejection letters up to remind them everyday. I never hung them up, but I had my rejection letters from USAFA, USNA, and USMA in my head all the time. I seriously lacked in leadership responsibilities, and my ACT/SAT scored weren't in until that summer so I busted by butt last spring, and did pretty much everything I could during the summer and early fall. Now, I have appointment letters to put over all those rejections. So, it is definitely not over if you don't get in.

I hope I gave you a decent perspective.

Best of luck,
Thanks a lot! I have taken and am currently taking all AP/Honors classes and I do a fall, winter, and spring sport every year. This past year I played golf in the fall, but previous to that, I ran cross country. I am in Swimming right now and I was last year at this time. I have done track and field for the past two years and am doing it again this year. I have played on Varsity for every sport, But I was only able to letter in one season of Cross Country. That also is a worry for me. I do not know how far into the sports they look though.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!
The thing about lettering is that every school/sport has its own standard. Some schools give you a letter if you have a happy attitude. Some make you qualify for the county meet, while others give a letter if you make state. Do your best--all the time, and the letters will either come or not.
Since your class standing is great, that will help with NASS, but your bd scores are marginal.

Whatever you're doing, Extra Curricular Activities, Sports, Jobs, Volunteer work etc, keep at it. Because SAs are a four-year marathon, the USNA admissions board looks at those things that you do consistently well and for long periods. This is one of the reasons that Eagle Scout plays so well to the Admissions Board. It's much better to pursue a third or fourth year at a sport, than to try something new.

Good luck with your NASS app.

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