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    So I have received a Type 7 AFROTC scholarship, but have not contracted yet (I start in fall).

    My major is civil engineering, and that is what I want to do in the Air Force...

    However, I recently came across the Navy Civil Engineering Collegiate (CEC) program, which pays for school, housing, etc, as long as you serve in the CEC corps afterwards; it isn't tied to NROTC either.

    Does anybody on here know about this program? It seems great, and I really have no preference of branch, as long as I'm serving as an officer...

    Any input would be helpful, never heard of this program, and it looks great!
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    I think this is the program ERAUs DS is going to do. He was not selected for AFROTC SFT, and heard of something like this program through a Navy rep.
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    Civil Engineer Collegiate Program (CECP)

    If you are interested in pursuing important civil engineering projects around the world right out of school, look into the Civil Engineer Collegiate Program. It offers up to $113,100 while finishing your degree, providing a regular monthly income ranging from $2,575 to $4,700 for up to two years prior to your graduation. That includes a generous military salary, a food allowance, plus a housing allowance that is based upon the location of the school you attend. You’ll also enjoy comprehensive military health-care benefits – with no uniforms, no drilling requirements and no service obligation until you graduate.
    From there, you’ll begin the process of being commissioned as a Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer and take on unrivaled professional responsibilities. Learn more about Civil Engineering career opportunities in the Navy.


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