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Aug 6, 2007
I thought I would update everyone on how she is doing.

She arrived fine and got processed in. She has not regretted her decisions at all. Her spirits have been really good as far as I can see/hear. From what I have been able to gather, she is adjusting to the military lifestyle rather well. That is the good to the bad.

On Day 5 (the first Saturday she was there), they were participating in Team Building Exercises. This was a series of events around the base that they had to run to, complete, then run to the next one. At the first event, they had to climb over a simulated electric fence without touching it. On the second attempt to get the entire group over, she landed unsafe on her left leg and fell. She initially did not think that she was hurt. Once that event was completed, they ran to the next event. During this time, she says that her knee starting hurting when she straightened it. She pushed through. At the next event, she was required to bear crawl through a Tunnel of Love. This is where her knee really started hurting. They got through that event and as they were running to the next event, she fell back because of the pain. Once she got to the next event (now at #3) she notified her platoon commander that she was injured and they took her out and got medical assistance for her. She was put on crutches and saw an orthopedist within 48 hours.

The past week she was in physical therapy and late in the week, they took her off the crutches and put her on a cane. She had a set back when she had to walk a mile to the uniform store with the platoon using her cane. Her knee “blew up like a balloon.” They are telling her that she will probably have to have surgery and they are planning a MRI this week as best as I can tell from a 5 minute conversation on Sunday. They are assuring her that this is not a disqualifying injury and that the procedure is a relatively minor surgery.

NITRO is this Saturday and then Indoc will be complete. They have the following week for transition and then academics start September 4th. I have not asked her yet how she did on the other two placement tests that she had to take once she got up there. She should be back in the “electronic world” this weekend and over the next week.

Thanks for the questions about her. I will pass them on to her when I hear from her this weekend.
Sorry to hear about her knee. The MRI should help with a diagnosis and determine the best course of surgical action.
Arthroscopy is relatively minor out patient surgery. It is not pain free however and she will require dedicated physical therapy. If they can keep her in physcial therapy until the surgery then he muscles won't atrophy and the recovery time post surgery may be easier.
IMO - the military trains some of the best orthopedic surgeons - take comfort in that. If she needs surgery will you be able to get to RI to be with her?

Your daughter is quite a young woman - hopefully things work out well for her - please keep us posted.
Sorry to hear about the knee. The good news is that NAPS medical works closely with USNA so as long as she heals 100% (and they will make sure that she does) it will not be a barrier for next year and getting into USNA.
As of right now it looks like we will not be there for any surgery. We are planning on going up for Parent's Weekend but that is in October. That is the sad part for me being Mom.

The dedication to getting a clean bill of health and being able to do whatever she wants is not an issue. If this had happened while she was at home, maybe, but since it is there I think that the whole reality of being there and actually seeing the big picture (or living in it) is her motivation to get back to 100%.
Nooooo, oh ouch how I hate to hear that. We'll be rooting for her to get healed soon. She really will be under the best of care. Tell her we're all sorry as can be that she got "broken". Assuming the kids at NAPS use that word for the injured.
My daughter was injured during Beast and we were concerned that she may not be able to complete it, so I know how you must have worried. It sounds like you've received good news regarding prognosis (please keep us posted). Now all you have to do is what any of the moms would do in this situation - fret and send food.

Good luck and here's hoping for fast healing.