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    Once you've been notified of the scholarship and accepted it, how long before you hear anything else or get anything in the mail. Should you contact the commanding officer at the school or wait until you have information in hand. We were considering another visit to the college in April before freshman orientation in June. DS is really excited about this option.
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    It doesn't hurt to call and speak to one of the officers at the school. Best bet would be to speak to NROTC freshman adviser (IMHO). It isn't required that you do so though. You can expect mail from the NROTC unit over the summer (probably June or early July) regarding freshman orientation, what to bring, when to report, etc. Many orientations start about a week before the start of classes.
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    I agree with kinnem, it doesn't hurt, and actually may help. I know for our DS (AFROTC) he did a visit another visit before his orientation, he talked to them and asked to meet up with upperclassman cadets that had his same major and career field aspirations. He hung with them for about an hour in the det. lounge. We walked the campus during that time.

    Here are my reasons why I would suggest doing this.
    1. Talking to upperclassmen that have the same major can give them insight of the classes they will take in the fall, and maybe even profs to stay away from or def. try to get.
    2. It will put a face to their name come the fall if the mids are juniors. Not every kid will do this, and by hanging for an hr or so, they will at least get a feel of what the other mids are like.
    3. Just like course selection, they may have input regarding dorms, if his college allows them to rank where they want to live as freshmen. My DS was a scholars student so he had no choice, but to live in a specific dorm. My DD, not in ROTC, but attended VT, had her choice selection for dorms, however, had she been in ROTC, she would have to had to live in the Corps dorms.
    ~ Both though were able as freshmen to by name request room mates. Thus, by also going prior to orientation, they may also be able to hook him up with other incoming freshmen and he may find someone where they decide to live with.
    ~~ Again, using my DS that was forced to live in the scholars dorm, there were no other AFROTC scholarship cadets that were in the program and it meant he was given the random selection roommate that was not in ROTC. He got along with him fine, but it is hard when you have to be up at 5:30 for PT and your roommate walks into the room at midnight, breaking your sleep.
    4. For all 3 of my kids, their college had multiple orientation weekends to choose from for attendance. This was when they did class selection and for DS1 this is when they also met up with the cadre from ROTC. However, since it was during the summer the cadets were not there so had he not done that last visit he would not have met any of them until he showed up for orientation. For his ROTC unit, incoming freshmen only showed up 2 days before all freshmen moved in for fall semester. Orientation for them was school driven, class selection, learning the lay of the land, campus wise, not ROTC driven. If that is the case, you probably want him to go to the very 1st orientation so he can get the best schedule possible. The longer he waits to attend, the higher the chance that the best class times will be filled and his schedule could be all over the place. I.E. Psych 101, or Eng 103 at 10 a.m. on Monday and Wed. is filled, and because of the courses needed for the major the only one that fits is 8 a.m. T/TH, which means they may have to go to class in their PT gear.

    Hope that helps.

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