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    Dec 27, 2012
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    I am making this thread as a sort of collection of info for people who have received and accepted an appointment. What should be our next few moves?

    Off of the top of my head, I think of (in order):

    • Making sure you know how and when you are getting to the academy (for me personally, this means taking final exams earlier than my school would like).
    • Having parents make plans for Parents' weekend while they still can.
    • Following the appointee packet checklist.
    • Take practice placement tests.
    • Staying in good shape (I do know it is mentioned in the checklist, but double emphasis!)

    And my own questions:

    For those with an ROTC scholarship and other college acceptances, what should we do? I'm thinking about what happens if you get injured going up to BCT or if something comes up that disqualifies you from the Academy. Should we now accept other colleges and place deposits, even though we know we probably won't be going there? What about ROTC scholarships? Should we accept those?

    Thank you!
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    Congratulations on the appointment! :)

    I met with my ALO after I received and accepted my appointment and he said that it would be best to start scanning in and saving forms and documents that the USAFA sends! I would imagine that this would also help appointees keep track of everything they still have to send in and have ready for I-Day! It certainly helps me! Congrats again Ambition!
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    Make a copy of EVERYTHING!! And I really do mean that! You will find (in the future) that a copy of the most "innane" thing NOW will be valuable in the future!

    Copies of everything...that's a motto to live by!

    USAFA '83
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    This topic has been covered before in past threads.
    Can't post links with phone but am curious if there's any changes especially towards hanging on to ROTC and safety college in case someone doesn't make it through BCT.
  5. Usafamom2016

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    We put deposit on plan B school just in case of injury. Released it on A day.
    Bubble wrap! don't get injured before you report.
    Don't get in trouble, even speeding tickets, you must have NO obligations elsewhere when you report.
    Enjoy you friends! :shake::shake:
  6. Christcorp

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    Definitely keep one of your backup schools in your back pocket. One of the good things about BCT, is that it's over the first week of August. (A-day is the first wednesday in August). Point is, even up to that day, if something goes wrong or you simply realize the academy isn't for you, most colleges/universities haven't started classes yet. You can leave the academy and start school on time at your backup school without even realizing it.

    Now; for those who are worried about the finances of the couple hundred dollar deposit that most schools have while in that process, you're in a "No-Lose" situation. The money shouldn't even be an issue.

    1. If you quit, get injured, or for whatever reason leave the academy during/right after BCT, the the money was going to be needed for the backup school anyway. Even if you had never applied to the academy.
    2. You make it through BCT, become a cadet, and start your academy life. (By the way; once BCT is over, you can Break your arm or leg, and you get to stay). But if you do stay, and supposedly LOSE your deposit at your backup school, then you still can't complain. You're not paying anything towards college now. Not only is all the tuition, room, and board covered, but you even get paid to be there, so even the books, clothes, and personal items are covered.

    In other words, definitely keep Plan-B ready to go. You don't lose anything by having it there. You can't look at it as lost money, because it's not. You'll either use it because something went wrong at the academy, or you just saved about $50,000 on the CHEAP SIDE for the school you WERE going to go, but the academy worked out. So what's a few hundred dollars to have a backup plan in place?
  7. icarus

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Thanks CC.
    How about AFROTC? If you also received a type 1,2 or 7 scholarship.
    According to AFROTC, May 31 is the deadline to send letter of intent or declare that you're attending another Officer Training program.
  8. USAF463

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