NJ MOC Timeline and Competitiveness

Hey everyone,

My candidate portal displayed that I had received a nomination from Congressman Lance (NJ-07) on January 4th. I have no idea about where I stand on the slate or what kind of slate Congressman Lance uses for nominations. Now, we wait.

Good luck to anybody in the same boat as I, and congratulations to all New Jersey candidates who have received their appointments! Go Army!

USMA 1994

For those who do not receive a nomination outright, NJ routinely places more Candidates than allotted to them. Congressional districts in other states which do not place a candidate become available. There are 12 Congressional districts in NJ and NJ often sends 50 or more to West Point.
It doesn’t necessarily work like this. A applicant from NJ cannot be charged to a MOC in say Wyoming. If a MOC does not submit a person deemed qualified, they will not have a candidate charged this year and will have two openings next year. This extra seat would be filled as an Additional Appointee at the end of the process. The academy is allowed to pick from qualified applicants to meet the class composition goals.
Yes it is not a direct nomination however it still requires a nomination and I believe you can eventually find out who's MOC slot was used to fill it by the Academy. Regardless the net effect is that NJ fills roughly 4 times their allotted Candidates.