No nomination, but no TWE

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by 2022applicant, Feb 27, 2018.

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    I applied for nominations to both USMA and USNA, and received three for USMA. From what I thought I understood, this was the end to my USNA application, however I have not received a TWE/email. Is it possible that I am still competing for an appointment, or is it likely that I have just not been notified yet?
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    While you can’t get an appointment (unless you are a recruited athlete and they charged one to sup without telling you), you may still get NAPS or Foundation because those require no nomination. It’s generally indicated that if you fall into a category of lacking either academic or athletic necessities, or are a desired diverse candidate, they might send you to one of these. Or, of course, if you are a recruited athlete. Are you any of the above?
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    You may never receive an actual Thin White Envelope or an email. One day your portal might just say 'Denied' in the little box that now says 'Candidate'.
    It is a pretty inglorious rejection, actually--considering the effort and the dreams attached to the application.
    However, don't give up hope exactly yet--you might be offered the a Foundation Scholarship or something weird might happen.
    Also, did you get into USMA? Never look back...and Beat Navy!
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    That’s similar to my ds. He did not receive a nomination to USNA. I actually started a thread on here asking if it was end of the road for him, and the answer was pretty much yes. Yesterday he got a call asking for his senior year first semester grades. Good luck!
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    As others have mentioned, it is not totally the end of the road. Did you apply for a VP Nom? Yes, its a slim chance, but someone has to get that appointment, so until you are officially denied by USNA, hope lives for either a VP appointment or possibly a Prep School invitation! While the odds without a MOC nom are not in your favor (so have a plan B firmly in place) don't give up the ship yet!
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    USNA changed to the email process from snail mail to email about a year ago for at least two reasons. First, it provides faster notification. This way, people can immediately start focusing on alternatives. Second, BGOs often knew about planned TWEs before they were sent out and often notified the candidates in advance. In some cases, the TWE decision was changed before the letter went out . . . creating a mess. So, now the candidate knows right away and the notice is official . . . and final. I suppose they could f/u with snail mail, but to what end other than killing a few more trees?

    As for the OP, there are still some possibilities, the most likely of which is NAPS/Foundation, which don't require noms.

    Do not try to read the tea leaves in terms of why some people get TWEs or appointments earlier than others. I'm sure there is a method to the "madness," but only USNA Admissions knows what it is. IOW, just b/c someone in X state with or w/o a nom did or didn't get a TWE/appointment last week or last month or hasn't received one yet has no bearing on your situation.
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    applicant2022, If you would mind sharing, does your status on the USNA portal still say "Complete Pending Review," or has it changed to something else.