Nomination ask


Jun 22, 2017
My DS received noms to USMMA from our MOC and Senator.This was his second choice school. He believes if he had only listed USNA, he would have received a nom there. Is it appropriate to check with nominating coordinators to see if a slot to USNA is still available?
Most MOC coordinators are very helpful.
Definitely call.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right? I think noms are due by January 31, so make the call already! I am getting ready to do the same on behalf of my son, who has already diplomatically asked for his second choice nom (he got his first choice---very competitive district). The Congressional office has been very helpful, and we are grateful for the nom received, no question.
A DS of our friend got principal to USAFA (#2 choice) from a state where 1 nom is all you can expect. He...notice I said the DS, not the folks, contacted the MoC to see if he could switch it to USNA. The MoC contacted the principal to USNA to see if she wanted to switch. She did because between the time of submitting their list for the nom, she decided she wanted USAFA over USNA. 4 yrs later they both commissioned, her from USAFA and him from USNA.

Key thing here is the folks don't do the legwork. It really has to be from the candidate.

However, as stated it is Jan. 30th and the slate must be submitted by tomorrow. Just realize that can be a lot of juggling to do within 24 hrs for the MoC if they submitted a full slate of 10 for both USNA and USMMA. They would need to find someone that wanted USMMA over USNA and did not get a nom to move them on their slate.

It doesn't hurt to ask, but be prepared for it being a negative. In terms of baseball, this is the bottom of the ninth and 2 outs, you have to swing now for the fences.
Thank you! My mantra is if you don’t ask the answer is always “No” but convincing a teenager that it’s okay to ask is another thing. I really appreciate the feedback you all have given.
but convincing a teenager that it’s okay to ask is another thing

Three years ago, my DS received a USMA Nom and a congratulatory call from the MOC while he was at school. THAT was the moment DS chose to politely ask if the Congressman could possibly switch his nomination from USMA to USNA,! The MOC said he would look into it.

About three days later his USNA portal showed the nom.

Your teen can be more convincing that you think!