Nomination...but the chances?


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Dec 7, 2008
Gonna start by saying I was at the game Saturday...absolutely amazing, but even better was when i came home and got the mail, a letter saying i received my congressional nomination from Congressman Patrick Murphy (eastern PA) just topped the day off. I know this does not guarantee me a spot in the academy, but how much does this improve my chances?

(I'm sure this was asked before but i could not find it, sorry if it is a repeat)

i dont think it will... you HAVE to have a nomination to get in.. its just one more barrier out of the way.. congrats
but that is where most of the people get "eliminated" for. So your chances increase significantly i believe. I live really close to you. I'm in Allyson Schwartz's district. Isn't Patrick Murphy's around levittown?

I'm in the same boat. I got a senatorial nom last weekend, but I never got an LOA. I've been talking to my BGO and he has been very optimistic about an appointment though.

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT fret about not having an LOA. As has been said many times, the overwhelming majority of candidates do NOT get LOAs.

If you are triple Q'ed (academically, medically, physically) AND have a nom, your odds of receiving an appointment are good -- but not guaranteed. At this point, you've done everything you can. Unfortunately, now you just have to wait.
As for chances, if you look at the 2012 class profile...
Applicants (includes nominees)............. 10,960
Number of applicants with an
official nomination............................. 3,838
Nominees qualified scholastically,
medically and in physical aptitude..... 2,196
Offers of admission................................ 1,537

Then just by having a nomination, the pool is cut by more than half, and if you're 3Q'd, then its almost a fifth the size. Good Luck!!