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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by TheKid, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    So I'm in New York and I have a bunch of questions I would really appreciate some help with.

    1. Will getting it in as soon as possible be beneficial?
    2. What should be the heading on an "optional" essay?
    3. Is there any random tips anyone has for making your nomination look better, I know thats vague but like, should I include all my community service just to fill up slots?
    4. Last question, should I ever give them anything they don't ask for? Thats a no, correct?

    Thank you
  2. nuensis

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    May 23, 2011
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    Getting the application in early may or may not help you (depending on how your MOC does things) but certainly don't be late. I recommend knocking it (and the SA application) out in the summer so you won't have to deal with school and this complex application process and applications for civilian schools and applications for scholarships at the same time.

    As long as you have space, put everything you have ever done, achieved, and earned. Don't sell yourself short by leaving things out; some little thing you think is insignificant may get you that one extra point to put you ahead of another candidate.

    Ask your MOC and see if they'll accept attachments. Rule of the day is to follow instructions to the letter.
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    Feb 4, 2012
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    My mom, who I love to death, is trying to tell me I need to have it done by the end of June. Clearly this is incorrect, it should be done by the end of August, correct?
    I'm just trying to see what would be best because I could finish it in June but thats condensing alot of work for no real reason.

    And ok, that sounds good, do extra-curricular activities include all community sevice?? I have 1000 + hours at this point so...yeah.

    And ok, add everything
  4. buff81

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    Nominations are not made on a rolling basis.
    Each MOC has a deadline for when all nom applications are due. At that point, the MOCs will look at the applications, interview the applicants (but not all hold interviews) then they will make the decision on who to nominate.

    There is no advantage to turning in your nom application now.
    I recommend that candidates do it within the first month after they start their Senior year.
    So you can submit the most up to date info on your application.
    Within that first month of school, you may have things to add to your application that you are not able to put on there now. You may be selected to hold a leadership position, you may get involved in club or sport that you have not been involved in, you may have some volunteer hours this summer to add or a summer job that you haven't started yet and may have some responsibilities associated with that job that would be good to mention.

    Some MOCs don't allow updates to the applications. And really, you don't want to be sending in an update here and there because you don't want to take the chance of those updates being lost or put in the wrong file, etc.
    It is much better to send in one application with everything on it.
    Of course, if something great happens right before the deadline and you have already sent in your application, send an update.

    Go to the websites of every MOC that you are qualified to apply for a nomination from - your 2 Senators, your Congressional Representative and the VP.
    Check and double check their deadlines.
    Send in your application a few weeks before the deadline and follow up to make sure they got it.

    MOCs basically ask for the same information with a few variations here and there. Set up a filing system with a section for each MOC and for each SA and college you are applying to. Then as you get a transcript or recommendation or test score, etc., you can file them in the appropriate places. You will then have everything in one place for each application.
    Organization will help keep you sane throughout this process!

    The only nomination that you should have already applied for (like yesterday) is the Presidential Nom - if you are qualified for that nom.
    Those should be in NOW!

    Good luck! :thumb:
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    +1 to Buff's comments.

    We had our DS hold his back to about 2 weeks prior to the close date @9/15th was when he sent them to the MOCs.

    This not only allows you to add more accomplishments of your sr. yr., but to fine tune your essays. During the summer he had 10 lifeguard saves and in Sept. he was promoted to Sr. Lifeguard/pool manager. His ALO also worked with him on his essays over the summer, which was an asset because the ALO not only sat on the MOC's selection committee, but also knew where he needed to strengthen his weaknesses from his ALO experience. DS received all 3 MOC noms.

    This will be your 1st impression, you want it to be your absolute best! As Buff stated this is not a rolling situation. If the MOC states postmarked by 9/30, than it means nobody will meet a committee until October. There are no points awarded for being the 1st and no points deducted for being the last.

    OBTW regarding the heading for the optional essay, I am sure your English teachers have taught you how to do essays, and now is the time to remember the 1st 2 rules. The opening sentence should reiterate what you have been asked to submit. Same as your closing statement.

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