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Sep 6, 2007
Hey everyone!

I was wondering on my file it says:

Nominations received:

Is the MN62 a congressman or senator? Does anyone know what the 62 means?

I have already received an appointment, but I'm just curious because I went through all of those interviews, and I want to know which one I was successful in.

Thanks for the help!
hmmmm - interesting. My daughter's says the state (PA) followed by the congressional district. I take it there are not 62 congressional districts in Minnesota? lol.

Did your MOC's send you a letter or call notifying you of a nomination?
My son's nom says GA07; his nom is from the senator, not the congressman though.
No, I never got anything in the mail about nominations from either my congressman or my senators. Maybe, I'll get something soon because I think the deadline is January 31st? Correct me if I'm wrong.
So none of your nominating sources wrote a letter to you congratulating you. We receieved letters for our sources, plus a postcard for AFA saying your s has received a nom from: Sen Dole. Then we received the same thing for the other two. It was computer generated. The site had it first, and we got letters a few days later and cards a few days after that.
We received phone calls first from the congressmen, then letters from their offices.
Is the MN62 a congressman or senator?

I think it is a senator nomination. I do not know what the "62" means. On my son's candidate status page, one nomination had the state abbreviation followed by our district number. The other nomination had the state abbreviation followed by the number "62" just like yours. I assumed that the first was the congressman's and the second (with the 62) was the senator's...

Your congressman may have not sent in his slate yet.

But the most important thing is that you have an appointment!!! Many congratulations!!!

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Could it be you are from Minnesota's 6th District and the junior senator nominated you thus 6 2 would be the number. They might assign 61 to the sr senator and 63 to the Congressman. I know I read about the assignment of numbers before on this site somewhere. Your MALO should be able to answer the question. Our ALO is still an integral part, he calls our son to keep him posted where he is standing in the process and to just check in. My s has bonded with him and after ea nom he has called his ALO and then they talk about the next process step, this is why I suggest calling your MALO.