Nomination Results?


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Jul 17, 2008
Hello everyone. I have received LOA's to both USNA and USMA and all I need for appointment are nominations. My MOC interviews are coming up this month and I was wondering if any of you know typically how long after an interview one finds out if he gets a nomination or not. Thanks for your help.
I am sure it is different for each state, but for our DS he was informed about 2 weeks later.
bobcatmatt: It was the same timeline for our son...he received a phone call from the senator's office about two weeks after the interview. They must've called West Point the same day...the appointment arrived the day after Thanksgiving. Best of luck to you!!

Go Army!!
Son had interviews with Senators in October/November, Congressman in January. Notices were sent out in February. They got together and compared notes. I agree that it depends on the state.
bobcatmatt -

on the applications do your MOC's give you a timeline for a decision on the nominations? Their deadline to the academy is Jan 31. Often they will make the notification sooner.

This might be a question you can diplomatically ask in your nomination interview if you can't find the answer on the application form or MOC's website.