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Jan 12, 2009
Is it possible to get a nomination from someone if you didn't get all the paperwork in on time? Cause I just checked my status online and I've got a second one from Senator Coburn. And I'm pretty sure I didn't get everything in on time...

I've never heard anything from his office. I didn't get any letters, emails, phone calls, or anything...
Did you get the paperwork in? They might say it must be there by x date, but that doesn't mean they start reviewing that day
Each MOC has their own set of rules. There are basic similarities, but they are CONGRESS. They can do whatever they want. The ONLY person who can answer your question is that member of congress. personally; if you got a nom from them, then leave it alone. Who knows. Maybe he/she didn't have 10 people on their slate; your GPA was high enough; so they said "What the hell". Later... mike.....
cool, I've been wondering if there was some sort of mistake or something.

Thanks for the feedback